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Core Faculty: 2017-2018


Bishara, Amahl, Associate Professor (on leave AY 17/18)
Media, human rights, the state, the Middle East, journalism, democracy, the politics of place, knowledge production, expressivity

Blanchette, Alex, Associate Professor (on leave Spring '18)
Industrial agriculture, animal studies, ethnography of labor, food studies, United States

Pinto, Sarah, Professor
Medical anthropology, gender, mental health, reproduction, cultures of biomedicine, kinship, global feminism, history of the body. Geographical focus on India

Shaw, Rosalind, Associate Professor (on leave AY 17/18)
Violence, memory, and futurity; the anthropology of post-conflict; children and youth; transitional justice; West Africa; Sierra Leone

Art and Art History

Cristelle, Baskins, Associate Professor (on leave Spring '18)
Italian Renaissance art, Mediterranean studies, early modern books, and portraiture

Hoffman, Eva, Assistant Professor
Islamic art and architecture, portable arts

Kaminishi, Ikumi, Associate Professor
Asian art and architecture, Buddhist painting, and narrative studies

Maranci, Christina, Professor
Armenian art and architecture; early Christian, Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic art and architecture

Probst, Peter, Professor
African art, memory and monuments, historic preservation, anthropologies of art, historiography

Stewart-Halevy, Jacob, Assistant Professor (on leave AY 17/18)
Contemporary art, global conceptualism, video art, media theory and anthropology

Child Study and Human Development

Mistry, Jayanthi, Professor
Cultural perspectives in child development and education; Navigating multiple cultural worlds and identities, Interpretive methods in the study of children and families

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Gute, David, Professor
Environmental and occupational epidemiology, environmental health and safety

Lantagne, Daniele, Assistant Professor
Water treatment, developing countries, emergencies, water quality

Woodin, Mark, Senior Lecturer
Epidemiologic Methods


Crane, Greg, Professor (on leave Fall '17)
Greek & Latin Language, Digital Humanities

Evrigenis, Ioannis, Professor
Political Theory

Hirsch, Steven, Associate Professor
Greek, Roman, Near Eastern, and ancient Chinese history

Hitchner, Bruce, Professor
Roman history, archaeology and International Relations

Strobino, Riccardo, Assistant Professor
Medieval Latin Philosophy; Classical Arabic Philosophy; History and Philosophy of Logic; Aristotle; Avicenna

Community Health

Kosinski, Karen, Lecturer (on leave Spring '18)
Global health; infectious diseases; urogenital schistosomiasis; water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure; primary prevention of disease; engineering interventions; field epidemiology, and risk mapping

Taylor, Rosemary, Associate Professor
Comparative historical study of disease and health policy; political sociology; sociology of science and technology; qualitative methods in action

Computer Science

Chow, Ming, Senior Lecturer
Online game security, web application security, computer science education


Bianconi, Marcelo, Professor (on leave Fall '17)
Theoretical and Applied Economic Models

Brown, Drusilla, Associate Professor
Applied General Equilibrium Models, International Trade Policy, International Labor Standards, Child Labor

Chakravorty, Ujjayant, Professor
Resource and Environmental Economics, Energy and Development, Water

Emerick, Kyle, Assistant Professor
Development Economics, Applied Econometrics

Gee, Laura, Assistant Professor (on leave Fall '17)
Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral / Experimental Economics

Hardman, Anna, Senior Lecturer
Urban Economics, Housing, International Migration, Development Economics

Ioannides, Yannis, Professor

Jack, Kelsey, Assistant Professor
Environmental Economics

McMillan, Margaret, Professor
Development Policy, with an emphasis on Africa

Ngatia, Mũthoni, Assistant Professor
Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Parsa, Sahar, Assistant Professor
Finance and Microeconomics

Richards, Daniel, Professor
Industrial organization, merger analysis

Spolaore, Enrico, Professor
Political Economy, International Economics, Economic Growth and Development

Storeygard, Adam, Assistant Professor
Development and growth, Urban economics


Lowe, Lisa, Distinguished Professor
Modern British, French, and American literatures; race, colonialism, empire

Modhumita, Roy, Associate Professor
World Literature in English

Takayoshi, Ichiro, Associate Professor
American Literature, American Culture

Wilson, Jonathan, Professor
American Literature, creative writing

Environmental Studies Program

Stein, Ninian R., Lecturer
Environmental policy and communication, landscape change, and environmental justice


Baghdiantz McCabe, Ina, Professor
Armenia and Cross-Cultural World

Ekbladh, David, Associate Professor
U.S. in the World, International History, Modern U.S. History

Fawaz, Leila, Professor
Middle East

Foster, Elizabeth, Associate Professor (on leave Fall '17)
Modern France in the World, Colonial West Africa

Jalal, Ayesha, Professor
South Asia, the Muslim World

Manjapra, Kris, Associate Professor (on leave AY 17/18)
Modern South Asia, Modern Germany, Intellectual History

Manz, Beatrice, Professor (on leave Fall '17)
Middle East and Inner Asia

Penvenne, Jeanne, Professor

Proctor, David, Senior Lecturer
Late Antique & Medieval Western Europe, Byzantium, Southeastern Europe, Papal-Imperial relations

Rankin, Alisha, Associate Professor
Early Modern Europe

Roberts, Hugh, Professor (on leave AY 17/18)
Edward Keller Professor of North African and Middle Eastern History, North Africa, Middle East

Ueda, Reed, Professor
Industrial and Urban U.S., Immigration

Winn, Peter, Professor
Latin America

Xu, Man, Assistant Professor
Chinese History

International Literary and Cultural Studies

Abdul-Aziz, Rana, Lecturer
Arabic Language

Ascher, Gloria, Associate Professor
German Program; German Literature of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Sephardic Studies, Ladino Language and Literature, Scandinavian Literature

Carleton, Gregory, Professor
Russian Program; Twentieth-Century Russian Literature and Culture

Hirata, Hosea, Professor
Japanese Program; Japanese Literature

Inouye, Charles, Professor
Japanese Program; Japanese Literature

Johnson, Vida, Professor
Russian Program; Twentieth Century, Film, Women Writers

Napier, Susan, Professor
Japanese Program; Japanese Literature, Popular Culture, Anime

Rastegar, Kamran, Associate Professor (on leave Fall '17)
Arabic Program; Modern Arabic Literature, Comparative Literature, Cinema Studies, Postcolonial Studies

Wilczek, Markus, Associate Professor
German Program; 18th Century to Modern, Environment

Zhong, Xueping, Professor
Chinese Program; Modern Chinese Literature, Film

Jankowsky, Richard, Associate Professor (on leave AY 17/18)
Music of the Middle East and North Africa; Trance and Healing; Islam

Locke, David, Professor
Music and dance of West Africa

Peace and Justice Studies
Hitchner, Bruce, Professor
Roman history, archaeology and International Relations

Joseph, Paul, Professor (on leave Fall '17)
Sociology of war and peace; political sociology; globalization


Bauer, Nancy, Professor & Dean
Feminism, existentialism and phenomenology, ordinary language philosophy, philosophy and film

Kelly, Erin, Associate Professor
Moral philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of law

McPherson, Lionel, Associate Professor
Ethics, political and social philosophy

Political Science
Art, David, Professor
Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Europe
Beckley, Michael, Assistant Professor (on leave Spring '18)
International Relations
Cruz, Consuelo, Associate Professor
Comparative Politics, Latin America
Devigne, Robert, Professor
Political Theory
Eichenberg, Richard C., Associate Professor
International Relations, Foreign Policy, Political Behavior
Evrigenis, Ioannis D., Professor
Political Theory
Greenhill, Kelly M., Director of the International Relations Program, Associate Professor (on leave Fall '17)
International Relations, Security Studies
Mazaheri, Nimah, Associate Professor
Comparative Political Economy, Middle East and South Asia regions
Mufti, Malik, Professor (on leave Fall '17)
International Relations, Middle East
Rasmussen, Dennis, Associate Professor
Political Theory
Remick, Elizabeth, Associate Professor (on leave AY 17/18)
Comparative Politics, East Asia
Robinson, Pearl T., Associate Professor (on leave Spring '18)
Comparative Politics, Africa, African-American Politics
Shevel, Oxana, Associate Professor
Comparative Politics, post-Communist region
Sullivan, Vickie, Professor (on leave Fall '17)
Political Theory
Taliaferro, Jeffrey W., Associate Professor (on leave AY 17/18)
International Relations, Security Studies
Maddox, Keith B., Associate Professor
Social Cognition
Curtis, Heather, Associate Professor
History of Christianity, American Religions
Garden, Kenneth, Associate Professor (on leave AY 17/18)
Islamic Revival and Renewal, Sufism, the life and thought of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali
Hatcher, Brian, Professor
Hinduism and Religion in modern South Asia
Walser, Joseph, Associate Professor
Mahāyāna Buddhism; Hinduism; Jainism; Religion in early South Asia; Chinese Religions; Anthropology of Religion; Philosophy of Religion; Sociology of Religious Philosophy
Romance Languages

El Khoury, Mona, Assistant Professor
20th and 21st century French and Francophone literature; North Africa and the Middle East; postcolonial theory; Beur literature and film; trauma and memory studies; women writers; cultural studies; diaspora studies; war and theatre.

Gasarian, Gerard, Professor
19th- and 20th-Century French Poetry

Gerassi-Navarro, Nina, Associate Professor
Nineteenth-Century Latin American literature; Nation building; The culture of outlaws; Visual culture and film studies; Travel narratives; Popular culture

Hakim, Zeina, Associate Professor
18th-Century French literature; intellectual and cultural history in Early Modern France; interactions between literature and the visual arts; literary theory and theory of the novel; women writers

Mazzotti, Jose Antonio, Professor of Spanish Culture and Civilization
Colonial Latin American Studies, Latin American Poetry, Andean Studies, Film Studies

Murdoch, H. Adlai, Professor
French Caribbean Literature; Postcolonial Studies; Migration and Diaspora: Cultural and Film Studies

Naginski, Isabelle, Professor (on leave Spring '18)
19th-Century French Prose; Women Writers; Franco-Russian Literary Relations; Romanticism; Utopian Thought; Feminist Criticism

Palou, Pedro, Professor
Latin American Literature and Studies

Pollina, Vincent, Associate Professor of French
Medieval and Renaissance French and Italian Literature

Ruiz, Pablo, Associate Professor of Latin American Literature (on leave Fall '17)
Twentieth century Latin American fiction; Jorge Luis Borges; poetry and poetics; Oulipo; translation studies

Soares, Christiane, Lecturer in Portuguese
Portuguese language, second language acquisition, noticing, Brazilian popular music (MPB), Queer studies
School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Eulogio Guzman, Senior Lecturer
Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture
Joseph, Paul, Professor (on leave Fall '17)
Sociology of war and peace; political sociology; globalization
Taylor, Rosemary, Associate Professor
Comparative historical study of disease and health policy; political sociology; sociology of science and technology; qualitative methods in action