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IR News & Views

IR News & Views is the newsletter of the Tufts Program in International Relations. Its feature articles highlight IR community events, student and faculty research, and the professional paths of our alumni. All IR community members are invited to submit ideas for newsletter articles (of approximately 500-800 words) to the IR Program at InternationalRelations@tufts.edu.

Spring 2017 - Volume XVI
IR Program Leadership / SIR Award / IR Events Recap 2016-2017 / Spotlight on IR Core Faculty / Spotlight on IR Student Accomplishments / 2016-2017 Student Scholarships, Prizes and Awards / IR Website and Staff / IR Class of 2017 Stats / IR Transfer of Credit Process / IR Class of 2017 Student Voices

Spring 2016 - Volume XV Issue III
IR Curriculum Changes Approved! / IR Class of 2016: Student Voices / IR Event Recap from 2015-2016 / Spotlight on IR Core Faculty: Publications / Spotlight on IR Student Accomplishments / 2015-2016 Scholarships, Prizes, and Awards / IR Class of 2016 in Numbers / Tips from the IR Office: Study Abroad and Transfer Credit

Spring 2016 - Volume XV Issue II
2016 IR Career Symposium / IR Alumni Spotlight (5) / IR Current Student Spotlight (3) / IR Core Faculty Spotlight (Prof Riccardo Strobino) / Welcome New IR Core Faculty / Upcoming IR Related Events / Tips from the IR Office / Navigating the IR Major / IR Social Media