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Alumni Spotlight

Zoe Atlas, MPH, RDN: Class of 2014
International Relations, Global Health, Nutrition, and the Environment concentration
Zoe Atlas highlights new perspectives on nutrition science, health, and wellness in The Nutrition Atlas. Zoe's informative blog is a "resource for insightful commentary on nutrition science and practices" designed to make "health science accessible to the public".

Alexandra Bukowski: Class of 2015
International Relations, Global Health, Nutrition, and the Environment concentration
Allie Bukowski recently published the research article 'Assessment of the World Health Organization's HIV Drug Resistance Early Warning Indicators in Main and Decentralized Outreach Antiretroviral Therapy Sites in Namibia', in PLOS ONE. This research publication resulted from her time working as an IR Research Scholar for the Ministry of Health in Namibia, in the summer of 2014.

Patricia Sosa: Class of 1983
Patricia Sosa is the Director for Latin America and Caribbean for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (TFK). With funding from the Bloomberg Philanthropies, TFK supported the Uruguayan government against an investment arbitration case filed by Philip Morris International (PMI). Patricia and her boss, TFK President, Matt Myers (Tufts class of 1969) served as an advisors to the legal team on the public health implications of the case and also to the Uruguayan government when they were uncertain what legal strategy to pursue. Learn more about the case in Patricia’s co-authored research paper 'Defending Strong Tobacco packaging and labelling regulations in Uruguay: transnational tobacco control network versus Philip Morris International' (Crosbie E, Sosa P, Glantz SA. Tob Control Published Online First: March 2017/doi:10.1136/tobaccocontrol- 2017-053690).

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