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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I declare the IR major?
A. Complete the Declaration of Major/Change of Advisor Form by the end of your sophomore year.

Q. How do I declare my Thematic Concentration?
A. Email Carol Downing in Student Services and the International Relations Program with your name, class year, tufts email address, and chosen concentration.

Q. How many credits can I used toward another major/minor?
A. No more than half the credits used to fulfill the requirements for one major may be used to satisfy the requirements for a second one. No more than two credits used toward a minor may be used toward the IR major.

Q. Can I use credits toward the IR major to fulfill University Distribution Requirements?
A. Yes; there is no limit to the credits used toward the major to fulfill Distribution Requirements.

Q. Can I double count a course among the Core Requirements, the Thematic Concentration Requirements, and/or the IR Language Requirement?
A. There is no double counting among the Core, Thematic Concentration, or Language Requirement courses.

Q. May I petition courses to count toward the IR Major?
A. Students are not permitted to petition courses to count toward the IR major. Each semester the IR Program invites faculty members to submit their courses to the International Relations Faculty Board. The IR Faculty Board will review courses submitted by faculty for inclusion in the IR major.

Q. When should I begin the Transfer of Credit Process?
A. As soon as possible! Students are strongly encouraged to request approval from the IR program for courses taken outside of the Tufts before they enroll in the course. Please visit the IR Transfer of Credit webpage for more information!

Q. How many credits can I count toward the IR major from study abroad?
A. No more than 3 courses taken abroad may be applied toward the 12 course IR major (only 1 of which can be applied toward the IR Core requirements). There is no limit on the number of language courses taken abroad for the IR language requirement. Please visit the IR Transfer of Credit webpage for more information!

Q. IR requirements are not appearing on my Advisement Report, is this ok?
A. Yes; the Advisement Report is only used by the Registrar's Office to track fulfillment of Distribution Requirements. All major requirements are documented directly with the program, and are logged in our internal system and on the IR Major Checklist.

Q. What materials do I need to graduate?
A. Complete the IR Major Checklist and follow the instructions on the IR Graduation Information email you will receive in the fall of your graduating year! Additional information on steps to graduate can be found on the Registrar's Office website.