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Non-Tufts Program

Requirements for Credit Transfer Requests for Chinese Culture and Literature Courses

I. If you plan to take a Chinese culture/literature course outside of Tufts in a non-Tufts Program and you would like to request a credit transfer for that course, you need to receive pre-approval. To do so, you need to meet with Professor Xueping Zhong with the following information:
  1. When the course will be taken
  2. Program/University where the course will be taken
  3. Name/title of the course
  4. Course number
  5. Official course description URL
  6. Syllabus (if available)

Please note: pre-approval does not mean final approval.
II. After you return from studying abroad, you need to provide the following information and materials and meet with Professor Xueping Zhong in Room 311, Olin Center.

  1. Duration of the course: starting and ending dates
  2. Number of instruction hours per week for the course
  3. Syllabus
  4. Reading list
  5. Papers and other assignments
  6. Exams

III. After your meeting with Professor Zhong, please submit your request to the Chinese Program under Chinese Culture/Literature on SIS.

Contact Prof. Zhong at Xueping.zhong@tufts.edu if you have any questions.