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German Master's Degree Programs

Location of Study

The Tufts-in-Tübingen Option
The program offers the option of spending the first year of study abroad at the University of Tübingen under the guidance of the Tufts Resident Director. Students are fully integrated into the Eberhard-Karls-Universität and attend regular university lectures and seminars. The resident director will advise them on their programs of study, act as a liaison to the Tufts campus, and conduct an informal colloquium. The colloquium functions to acquaint students with contemporary and traditional aspects of German culture, and assists them to make full use of the wide range of cultural offerings available in Tübingen. When circumstances permit, the group will visit Berlin and Jena/Weimar on two multi-day trips.

Study on the Tufts Campus
Students in both programs must spend the second year in residence on the Tufts campus in Medford. They will enroll for two courses each semester and participate in a Graduate Colloquium organized in conjunction with the faculty. The purpose of the colloquium is to supplement course work in preparation for the comprehensive written and oral examinations.

Students participating in the M.A. with Teaching Licensure will receive the necessary preparation through additional courses offered by the Education Department and the German Program. They will do their pre-service teaching in area schools supervised by German Program faculty. An additional summer will be needed to complete the requirements for that degree.

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