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Saskia Stoessel
Contact Info
Olin Center 335
Medford, MA 02155
Phone: 617-627-5635

Saskia Stoessel
Senior Lecturer of German Program
Language Coordinator

M.S./M.A., University of Goettingen, Germany
Ph.D., Boston University

Research Interests
Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, Sociolinguistics

Major Publications

  • De Bot, K., Martens, V. and Stoessel, S. (2004). "Finding residual knowledge: the 'Savings'-approach to testing vocabulary." In International Journal of Bilingualism 8/3: 372-383.
  • Stoessel, S. (2002). "Investigating the role of social networks in language maintenance and shift." In International Journal of the Sociology of Language 153: 93-131.
  • De Bot, K. and S. Stoessel (2000). "In search of yesterday's words: Reactivating a long-forgotten language." In Applied Linguistics 21/3: 333-353.
  • Stoessel, S. (1998). "The Investigation of Social Networks as a Factor in Language Maintenance and Shift." Unpublished Ph.D. Dissertation. Boston University.