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Program Activities

Training Opportunities

Research Mentoring Teams
The program's approach to collaborative training is centered on Research Mentoring Teams. Each multidisciplinary team is composed of researchers at all levels of experience organized around key concepts and problems. Teams are expected to work on projects that span two laboratories and individual members will need to work closely with one another in both settings.

Neuromechanics and Bioengineering Boot Camp
An introductory "Boot Camp" in Neuromechanics and Bioengineering will occur before the start of each academic year. This intensive, short course is a requirement for entrance into the IGERT program, and includes teamwork projects and seminars.

Life Skills for Professional Researchers
Students will have access to classes and seminars focused on career development and instruction in grantsmanship, leadership, team dynamics, and interdisciplinary communications.

Technology Transfer and Innovation
The IGERT program has partnered with the Tufts Gordon Institute to promote student involvement in technology transfer to real-world applications and to provide students with additional career opportunities. The Gordon Institute, offers graduate-level programs in engineering business management and entrepreneurship and provides opportunities for student internships in entrepreneurial ventures.