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Contact Info:
Advanced Technology
Tufts University
200 Boston Ave.
Suite 2600
Medford, MA 02155

Vishesh Vikas
Post-Doctoral Scholar
Department of Biology
Tufts University School of Arts & Sciences

Website: www.visheshvikas.com

Research Interests

  • inertial sensing
  • robotics (soft-robotics, biomimetic robotics, field robotics, robot kinematics dynamics)
  • machine learning
  • optimal estimation
  • artificial intelligence
  • robot control
  • non-linear controls

Current Research
Vishesh Vikas developed a human vestibular system motivated dynamic inclination sensors. The sensors consisted of multiple strategically placed accelerometer-gyroscope combination to dynamically measure (not estimate) inclination of robots/rigid bodies. The research can be applied to measurement of joint angles and gait analysis. The research is novel as the measurements are independent of integration errors, are valid for large angles, and computationally cheap. The research also introduced the concept of Dynamic Inclination Axis - the equilibrium axis along which the robot is at rotational equilibrium. This concept allows to explain why sprinters tend to lean forward while accelerating, backward while de-accelerating. It also defines an absolute "equilibrium" reference e.g. equilibrium position is orthogonal to the surface when humans stand on a plane, however, this changes when they stand on an incline. Patent has been filed on the developed sensors. It is envisioned that the sensor can be used to measure the yaw of field robotic vehicles without any integration errors.

He has also worked in the field of modeling of knee joints as tensegrity mechanisms, behavior-learning in autonomous vehicles, smooth optimal path-planning for autonomous vehicles.

Academic Background

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering- University of Florida, Gainesville
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering - University of Florida, Gainesville
  • B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering - IIT Guwahati, India

Brief Biography
Vishesh Vikas was born New Delhi , India. He received his B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, India in 2005. He received his MS and PhD from University of Florida, Gainesville in 2008 and 2011 respectively. He worked at the MAIA Lab, INRIA Lorraine (LORIA) as a research intern. He is a member of IEEE, SIAM and ASME professional societies.

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