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Dieter Schuldt
Mechanical Engineering

After graduating from Fort Collins High School in Fort Collins, CO I joined the Navy as a nuclear electronics technician. I served on the USS Nimitz in San Diego, CA as a reactor operator before becoming the ship's Technical Publications Librarian. After 6 years in the Navy I left to attend Colorado State University where I graduated with Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. I'm currently interested in decision based control theory for application in cybernetics.

In my free time I'm an avid brewer and craft beer aficionado. Besides brewing I also do computerized sports simulation focusing primarily on college football. I am also a former velodrome points racer and am currently training to run a triathlon. Time spent at home is accompanied by my wife Meghan and our two cats Bella-Boo and Rowan.

IGERT Research
I am doing research in developing control strategies to induce oscillatory modes in high degree of freedom systems. This is applicable to the area of soft robotics where systems are underactuated due to an almost continuous collection of states. The promise of these soft robotic structures is in traversing terrain that is inaccessible to robots which locomote using more conventional means such as wheels or treads.

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