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Chris Wagenbach
Mechanical Engineering

I graduated from Northeastern University with a major in Physics and minor in Mathematics. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University under the guidance of Professor Jason Rife. My academic interests are very broad, ranging from superconductors to self-driving cars to muscular systems. My main motivation for being a Mechanical Engineer is to improve quality of life through increased efficiency. For example, perfecting a self-driven car frees up countless man-hours to perform more important tasks. My personal interests are equally as varied. I like reading books (I can't wait for the next installment of the Game of Thrones series); I will play just about any sport or game, including video games; and I like a broad range of music.

IGERT Research
IGERT Research
I am working on a project with Professor Eric Tytell (Biology) to study the muscle responses of lampreys. We will be simulating length changes in lamprey muscle via sinusoidal input. We will then electrically stimulate the muscle at varying phases of the sinusoid. The average amount of work performed during a single period of lengthening and shortening is a key factor in the experiments. We hope to see a change in the work performed during a cycle when we stimulate the muscle at different phases of contraction and extension. We will begin by performing the tests on an isolated muscle preparation which will be dissected out of the lamprey. Eventually, we hope to perform similar tests on different sections of muscle in a live lamprey.

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