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Sara Nadeau
Electrical Engineering

Sara Nadeau earned her BS in electrical engineering from the University of Maine at Orono in 2013. She currently attends Tufts University, pursuing MS and PhD degrees in electrical engineering and working in the Advanced Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory under the guidance of Professor Koomson. Her previous experience includes participation in the NSF Sensors REU program at the University of Maine, investigating piezoelectric gas sensing platforms and two summers as a product and applications engineering intern at Analog Devices in Wilmington, MA. Her research interests include the intersection of electrical and biological systems, communications systems, and integrated circuit design.

IGERT Research
Sara's current research, in collaboration with the Levin Lab in the Department of Biology, involves the development of a nanoscale signal acquisition system for the analysis of bioelectric signals in morphogenetic systems. The signal acquisition system combines high-density electrode array technology with nanoscale silicon signal conditioning electronics and enables the analysis of bioelectrical signals, such as those involved in cell to cell communication in complex living systems. Currently, measurements are being done to understand the signaling that occurs during the early growth stages of frog embryos. An understanding of embryogenesis and regeneration in cells and tissue will have a significant impact on the development of biomimetic robots, potentially enabling the development of self-healing robotic systems.

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