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Jerry Mekdara

I spent my undergraduate career as a double major in Psychology and Biology at Fresno State. Then I conducted research through the Fresno Biological Dynamic Studio and graduated with a Master of Science in Biology from Fresno State. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Biology under the guidance of Dr. Eric Tytell at Tufts University.

IGERT Research
I am intrigued by the design and engineering of robots, and I see myself as a biologist who builds the knowledge base to provide engineers with biological insights that help them to design robots. I would like to build my knowledge into developing models of control systems. I aim to understand how information is perceived, integrated, and generated to create an output. Essentially, how do animals transform information to generate motor programs? To this end, my goal is to discover control algorithms, structures or behaviors that might inform robotic design. My current research explores vibration and flow sensing in soft animals (caterpillars and fish, respectively). I seek to understand how animals use a combination of tactile and visual information to guide their movements through a complex terrain.

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