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Piers Echols-Jones
Mechanical Engineering

Piers Echols-Jones attended Northeastern University where he obtained a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2013. While at Northeastern he completed three co-op cycles in diverse positions: Mechanical Engineer at Proven Process Medical Devices, Solid State Lighting Technician at QD Vision, and Research Assistant at Northeastern's Nanomagnetism Group with Dr. Laura Lewis. He is currently a fourth year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on Control Systems Engineering. Outside of IGERT, Piers works with Dr. Igor Sokolov and Dr. William Messner on improving the control of atomic force microscopes (AFMs), particularly in subresonant tapping mode (SRT). Piers also works with Dr. Holly Taylor in the Department of Psychology to develop wearable navigational devices for use in studying human special cognition and navigation.

IGERT Project
Piers is working with Dr. Barry Trimmer and a team of students on developing a fully soft-bodied, motor-tendon driven robot called SqumaBot. SqumaBot is inspired by the locomotive gaits exhibited by caterpillars. The team took SqumaBot to Italy in April 2016 for the RoboSoft Grand Challenge.

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