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Robbie D'Angelo
Electrical & Computer Engineering

I am currently an M.S./Ph.D. student at Tufts University studying electrical engineering. I am from New Orleans, LA. I came to Massachusetts to pursue engineering. I earned my B.S. in electrical engineering with minors in physics and computer science from WPI. I have held two internships with M/A Com Technology Solutions in Lowell, MA, one in design and one in modelling. My career goal is to use engineering, physics and computer science to innovate biology and medicine. I am particularly interested in projects that bring together electronics and neuroscience.

IGERT Project
Currently, I am researching flexible circuits for sensing and control for soft robots. For example, we are exploring architectures for analog-to-information converters, which facilitate intelligent sensing as well as data compression at the source. Such techniques can greatly reduce the power, area and time of data acquisition and have applications in sensing for robotics and medicine.

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