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Recent Events - IGERT Robotics Hackathon

IGERT Robotics Hackathon
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (Basement of Curtis Hall)

The Soft Material Robotics IGERT program kicked off the Spring 2013 semester with a Robotics Hackathon, giving current IGERT trainees and associates an opportunity to meet faculty members affiliated with the program. The day began with a brief overview of the SMR IGERT program, presented by Prof. Barry Trimmer (Biology). This was followed by a series of short presentations by faculty members on how their particular areas of expertise are being applied to the field of Soft Material Robotics.

Attendees then formed into cross-disciplinary teams for a robot-building competition. Robots were required to crawl along a string and attempt to dislodge an opponent's robot coming in the opposite direction. A fearsome team of undergraduates held their own against the graduate student team and the faculty team.

Left to right: Graduate students Kyle Alberti, Cody Canning, Okuary Osechas, Whitney Crooks, Dieter Schuldt, Fallon (Schuler) Durant, and Emily Pitcairn   Left to right: Undergraduates Chiamaka Chima, Leslie-Anne Flego, Cody Chen, Kevin Gau, Dominic Guri, Quinn Wongkew and Tim Kou with their string-crawling robot overhead