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Life at Tufts


Tufts does not currently offer housing to International Faculty or Research Scholars, but the resources and information provided below will prove helpful to Faculty and Research Scholars.

General Apartment Information
Rents vary according to the size and location of the apartment and often do not include the cost of utilities (heat, hot water, and electricity), are often not furnished, may or may not include parking, and never include the cost of a telephone. On the average, one bedroom apartments range from $1200 to $1,500 per month. Studios, (a one-room apartment), may range from $1000 to $1200 per month. The average cost of sharing a three or four bedroom apartment in the Tufts area is $500 to $750 per person per month. In order to sign a lease, landlords often expect an advance payment of the first and last month's rent, plus a security deposit equal to one month's rent. Keep in mind that once you pay a deposit on the lease, it is extremely difficult to get the deposit back if you should change your mind. A lease is a legally binding document that protects both you and the landlord.

Tufts On-Campus Housing

  • For International Graduate Students only:
    There is normally very limited housing available for graduate students. However, if you would like to contact the Tufts University Residential Life Office to determine if you can be put on a housing wait-list, you may call them at (617) 627-3248, fax them at (617) 627-3929 or email them at reslife@tufts.edu.
  • For International Undergraduate Students:
    Visit Residential Life and Learning for more information.

Off-Campus Housing Options

  • Tufts Off-Campus Housing Office
    For a comprehensive listing of apartments in the area contact Tufts Off-Campus Housing at (617) 627-5319, by email at och@tufts.edu, or visit the website.

  • Tufts Walnut Hill Properties
    Limited housing near campus, for faculty/research scholars, please contact via email at walnuthillproperties@comcast.net or call 781-391-5300.

  • Local Real Estate and Listing Services
    List of agencies that can assist you in your search for a house or apartment. Please note: The International Center does not endorse any particular agency. Some or all of these places may charge a fee for service. Be sure to ask how much you may have to pay.
  • Newspaper Classifieds
    Newspapers run classified advertisements that are placed by a landlord, home-owner, or real estate agency. If you use an agency, you may have to pay from one-half to one full month's rent as a "finder's fee". You are cautioned against using realtors who charge fees for just allowing you to look at their apartment listings. The realtor should only be paid if he/she helps you rent an apartment. In many cases, the landlord will pay the realtor's fee rather than the renter paying this fee. In other instances, a fee may be split between tenant and landlord.
    List of local newspapers >

  • Homestay/Host Family
    Find a host family in Boston online at HomestayWeb.
  • Roommate Matching Services
    These companies service all campuses. Be sure to ask about fees for their services.

Roommate Connection
For Information: (781) 942-4132
Customer Service: (617) 262-5712
Email: trc@roommateconnection.com

  • Bulletin Boards (where apartment listings are posted)
    • Medford Campus: Mayer Campus Center; Fletcher School; Eaton Hall; International Center and Residential Life (off campus housing office)
    • Boston Campus: Sackler, 2nd & 4th floors; and Stearns, 1st floor
    • Grafton Campus: Administration, 1st floor; Lowe Center, Student Lounge; and FSHA, Student Lounge

If you are moving here and in the process of looking for a place, there are a few places to stay while you search for an apartment:

  • 40Berkeley: Hip, smart, and affordable, private rooms for travelers on a budget. Visit the website or call 617-375-2524.
  • HiHostel: Hosteling is a great way to stay on a budget short term. Located in downtown Boston.
    Visit their website!