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Immigration: Visa Categories

TN: Canadian and Mexican Citizens

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), developed a temporary employment classification to facilitate entry of Canadian and Mexican citizens to the U.S. to engage in professional business activities. The TN classification is granted in increments of up to three years and is not subject to a maximum period of stay and thus may seek multiple readmissions or extensions, provided their intended professional activity continues and they remain otherwise eligible. The employment must constitute "pre-arranged" professional activity for a U.S. entity within one of the professions listed in 9.B.9 Appendix 1603.D.1 of Annex 1603 of the NAFTA. The TN category does not hold dual intent. The TN is to be used for temporary employment. Therefore, it would not be appropriate for tenure-track positions. Please contact the International Center for information on the TN application process. The TN application process varies slightly for Canada and Mexico.

TD Visa Holders (Dependents of TNs): TD visa holders will be admitted for the duration of the TN principal alien's stay. They may attend school in the U.S. but are not eligible to work or receive any form of compensation, tuition, research assistantship, etc.

Transfers/Terminations/Change of Visa Status: Once someone is in the U.S. in valid 'TN' classification, he/she must maintain legal immigration status at all times. The validity date of a TN worker is determined by the expiration date on their Form I-94 card or by his/her last day at Tufts, whichever comes first. All requests for transfers or change of visa category must be processed prior to the expiration date mentioned above.

If you are interested in discussing the specifics of the TN Visa, please contact the International Center.

More information about the TN category can be found at the U.S. Department of State's NAFTA site.