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Coming to Tufts

Message from the Director

We hope that the website will answer questions that you have particularly in regard to immigration questions and cultural issues. Please use the site as a resource. Remember that the site is linked to other websites that will be of use and interest to you. We encourage you to follow the links!

The staff at the International Center is always available to speak with you and to answer any questions. You may walk in and ask your any questions at any time during our office hours (Monday-Friday 9-5pm). If it is determined that you need an appointment, the staff will schedule one for you.

We also encourage meeting with you in person when your questions are more complicated than a brief answer. Therefore, we suggest that you schedule an appointment in advance.

We want to remind you that friends, faculty, and others may give you helpful advice, but if it is in regard to immigration advice, we suggest that you run your question(s) by the International Center staff. We have the most up-to-date and current immigration information!

We are here to make your experience at Tufts University productive, happy and successful! We look forward to seeing you throughout your academic career at Tufts!


Jane Etish-Andrews
Director, International Center