Research: Recently Completed Research Projects

The Role of Spiritual Development in Growth of Purpose, Generosity, and Psychological Health in Adolescence

This project was a John Templeton Foundation study designed to be both "field building" and "field defining" in the study of spirituality and positive youth development during adolescence. The project ended in August 2009. The project consisted of three different phases: 1. The assembly of a national group of scholars interested in studying spirituality and youth development who collaborate in defining the measures and methods relevant to such a study; 2. a collaborative, cross-sectional pilot study spanning the second decade of life; and 3. dissemination of findings and preparation for the launch of a national longitudinal study of spirituality and youth development. Through this project we enlarged the scholarly community directly involved in the study of spirituality and human development. Our work elucidated the links among neural growth, generosity, purpose, and exemplary healthy development during adolescence.

A book entitled Positive Youth Development and Spirituality was published by Templeton Press in 2008.

A second book is planned.