Research: The Girl Scouts of the USA Theory, Measurement, and Research Project: Phases 1 & 2

Our collaboration with the Girl Scouts of the USA involves exploring the rich data the Girl Scouts Research Institute have collected over the years regarding how GSUSA programs enhance the skills and thriving of the youth they serve. During the first phase of this collaboration, we assessed the utility of measures previously used by GSUSA, created a conceptual framework for the constructs GSUSA was interested in measuring, and devised measurement scales assessing both individual and contextual characteristics relevant to the Girl Scout experience. In the second phase (currently underway), we are validating measures developed in Phase One with data collected from Girl Scouts ranging in age from 5 to 14 years from four Councils across the USA. Together, results from Phase One and Phase Two have allowed us to explore the positive development of youth in Girl Scouts through empirically-valid measures.