Research: Character and Merit Project (CAMP)

Through support provided by the John Templeton Foundation, IARYD has been working with the Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America (COLBSA) to study the impact of the BSA programs on character and positive youth development. The goal of the CAMP study is to learn about the development of youth in the BSA Cub Scouts programs and, specifically, if and how the different facets of the program may help build character, life skills, and positive goals among participants. Across three years, we collected quantitative data from more than 2,500 Scouts and comparison group youth between the ages of six and 10 years. We have also collected quantitative data from parents and qualitative data from COLBSA adult leaders, council executives, and Scouts to gain a deeper understanding of how the BSA program may influence character. We have completed the data collection for this study and are continuing to analyze data and develop publications from this project. We believe this research will provide information that may enhance the out-of-school-time education of youth and serve to promote character development and life successes.