Saraswati Pooja

Monday, April 28th at 6 pm at Remis Sculpture Court

Come receive your blessings from Saraswati Mata, the goddess of knowledge, and prepare spiritually for your exams. Bring your books and laptops to have them blessed during puja. Take a productive break from the stress of studying for exams and writing papers. and join us. There will also be delicious catered (aka free) Indian foods!

Welcome to HSC!

The Hindu Students Council is an organization dedicated to the preservation and understanding of Hindu culture and ideology at Tufts. For the past few years we have been bringing the campus together with various pujas and celebrations.

HSC aspires to take advantage of the three "S's": Seva (community service), Sadhana (practice), and Satsang (community). The two biggest events of the year are Diwali and Holi, but we are constantly expanding our events to include other auspicious occasions like the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand, Shraddha, and many more.

We have meetings every week. Please check our calendar for information on time and place. During these meetings, we do Aarti and then take turns presenting, exploring, and discussing different aspects of Hinduism. For example, we have discussed topics ranging from the different ways Tufts students practice Hinduism, the origins of Holi, and exploring a bit of Hindu history by exploring the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. We're always considering members' special interests and have organized and incorporated a Rangoli competition, Bhajan night, Navratri Pujas, and much more into our weekly events.

HSC attracts people of all faiths because Hinduism believes not in tolerance of all religions but in acceptance of all religions. Whether you are interested in Hinduism or just a student majoring in religion and writing a paper, please reach out to us. To add variety to our meetings, we invite special guests to our meetings including Professor Harriotte Hurie, specialist in Hindustani music and language, and Professor Joseph Walser, professor of Introduction to Hinduism. The purpose of this club is to bring Hinduism into college life and make it accessible to our generation as we are the heir of this wonderful heritage.

As we strive to better understand and practice Hindu ideals as college students, we also have a lot of fun as a group, through celebrating festivals like Holi or by sharing our viewpoints and learning from and with each other. Ultimately, through our regular meetings and our special events, we have formed a community where everyone can feel welcome, and we encourage anyone who is interested to join us at HSC!

Getting Involved

Send us an email at for any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments anytime! Check out other resources too!

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