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Access to Records and Grades

In accordance with department policy and the Privacy Act of 1974, the following procedures are followed:

  1. With the exception of records of freshmen advisees, all history major folders are kept in the Department Office.
  2. No student has unrestricted access, at will, to his or her file folder or dossier.
  3. Access to documents (e.g., letters of recommendation) generated since January 1, 1975, are available on request unless a "Waiver of Right to View Confidential Letters" has been signed. No material considered confidential that is dated prior to January 1, 1975, is open for inspection. This includes copies of letters of recommendation or evaluations available only to authorized personnel (e.g., the faculty and administration).
  4. Students are entitled to inquire as to what documents are in their folders, and may, on request, inspect unclassified materials, such as copies of transcripts or placement test scores.

Examinations and Make-Ups

Whether or not written final examinations or papers are required in any given course is left to the discretion of the instructor, as is the type of examination given (e.g., closed or open book; take-home; or classroom). In-class final examinations will be held at the time designated by the Registrar. Optional exam times may be arranged at the discretion of the instructor. If a make-up examination (either before or after the scheduled examination) is authorized by the instructor, students should expect the following:

  1. A different examination from the one regularly scheduled.
  2. An examination that, in fairness to all class members, minimizes the advantages given to a student who does not take the scheduled examination on time.
  3. Supervision during the examination by the instructor or teaching assistant.

All students should be informed as soon as possible in the semester whether written examinations or papers will be required in their courses.

Examinations, Term Papers & Other Written Course Work

Under no circumstances will grades, papers or exams be distributed by the Department Office Staff. Because of privacy legislation, nothing of a confidential nature can be left in a public area for pick-up. Students may request notification from their instructor of final course grades and the return of papers and examinations by leaving a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the instructor. If no arrangements are made, written work is retained at the discretion of the instructor, but usually for not more than one or two semesters. In any case, the student is entitled to consult with the instructor regarding any such work, but the consultation should be scheduled in a timely fashion if it is after the end of the semester.