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Degree Sheets and Transfer of Credit

Degree Sheets (Seniors)

When submitting University degree sheets (provided by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education) for approval by the advisor and Department Chair, students are also required to complete a departmental < History Major Concentration Checklist > form available in the Department Office, East Hall 10. Once approved by the advisor and the Department Chair, the degree sheet will be placed in the student pick-up box in East Hall 10 so that the student may retrieve the form.

The student is responsible for filing his or her degree sheet with the office of the Dean of the Colleges (Dowling Hall). This is not the responsibility of the Department.

Transfer of Credit

Students desiring history-major (as well as degree) credit for history courses taken through Tufts University-sponsored programs abroad or through the Boston-area consortium are not required to apply for Transfer of Credit. Students desiring history-major credit for courses taken at an institution not affiliated with Tufts or in the Boston-area consortium are required to apply for Transfer of Credit.

Applications for transfer of credit are submitted through the WebCenter and reviewed by a designated member of the History Department. By approving transfer of credit, the History Department certifies that a course taken at another institution can be counted among the ten courses required for a degree in history. It is up to the student, in consultation with the advisor, to determine the course's suitability for distribution or other degree requirements.

Transfer courses taken at institutions affiliated with Tufts Programs Abroad and the Boston-area consortium that provide cross-registration with Tufts are recorded on the Tufts transcript as graded courses. Transfer credit approved for college-level work done in non-Tufts overseas programs and at other colleges and universities will be recorded on a Tufts transcript with the amount of credit, but the grade will not be shown. According to university rules, courses taken at community colleges after matriculation at Tufts cannot be approved for transfer of credit. No more than four of the history major concentration requirements may be transferred from other institutions.