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Digital Library Projects Internship  
The WGBH Media Library & Archives has opportunities for  undergraduate and graduate students to work in a film and media  production archives.  Come and learn what happens to all the materials that went into that  FRONTLINE you saw after it aired on TV. Digital library interns will  work with the Project Manager and Production Assistant to make  archival media materials accessible online for two ongoing pilot  projects, the CPB American Archive project and the Mellon Digital  Library project. The CPB American Archive project will focus on Civil  Rights Movement content. Funded by CPB, the American Archive will  eventually be a national archive of PBS media materials. The Mellon  Digital Library project uses foreign policy and the history of science  content, and focuses on scholarly use of archival media material  online. Interns will get hands-on experience preparing archival media  for web access by digitizing materials, applying metadata, and  encoding transcripts. This is an opportunity to learn moving image  digitization for preservation and access, the PBCore metadata schema and the TEI XML schema.  

Electronic Records Internship  
The WGBH Media Library & Archives has opportunities for undergraduate  and graduate students to work in a film and media production archives.  Come and use your electronic management knowledge in a real world  setting. The Electronic Records Management interns will work with both  the Program Shutdown Manager and the Digital Archives Manager. They  will review electronic original interview transcripts that have been  delivered to the Media Library and Archives by productions (such as  Frontline or Nova) to standardize names, and correct any  inconsistencies. This may require some research skills to identify  exactly who a particular interviewee is and, where applicable, the  position held at the time of the interview. This will require  embedding the interviewee information within the document header and  linking the transcript back to the physical tape holdings. The  position will work to standardize naming conventions for interview  transcripts, and create a suitable electronic workflow, prior to  upload the WGBH digital assessment management system. Training will be  given in this Artesia based application. The position requires  excellent skills in reviewing and correcting information metadata.  Familiarity with online search engines, Library of Congress  Authorities and other online resources is recommended, as is an  attention to detail.