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Academic Year 2012-2013

August 2013:
Prof. Peniel Joseph featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Our Long Walk to Freedom"

July 2013:
Prof. Peniel Joseph writes about Trayvon, Race and American Democracy, in The Root.

June 2013:
Prof. Peniel Joseph appeared on The Colbert Report.

June 2013:
Prof. Peniel Joseph appeared on MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, to dicuss "Voting rights and wrongs in America".

June 2013:
Prof. Peniel Joseph featured as Op-Ed Contributor in The New York Times: Kennedy's Finest Moment: How the President's June 11, 1963, speech changed American history.

October 2012:
Prof. Leila Fawaz participates in an AHA Roundtable discussion about The Presidential Debate of October 22, 2012.

July 2012:
Historian Receives Top French Award: Prof. Leila Fawaz named a chevalier in National Order of the Legion of Honor

April 2012:
On April 21, 2012, Prof. David Ekbladh's interview "The Modernization of America" was broadcast on the WGBH Radio program "Innovation HUB".

April 2012:
Listen to Dr. Christopher Schmidt-Nowara's podcast: "Latin American Slavery"
Read more in Inside Higher Ed>

March 2012:
Prof. Leila Fawaz, President of the Board of Overseers, to talk about Harvard's governance, the implementation of recent governance reforms, and the interplay between the two boards.
-Pulling together for a better Harvard (Harvard Gazette)
-Eyes on the future (Harvard Gazette)

Spring 2012:
Professors Ayesha Jalal and Kris Manjapra create new digital humanities course, "Islam on the Indian Ocean Rim", to be simultaneously co-taught between Tufts and LUMS, Lahore, in spring 2012.

February 2012:
Prof. Peniel Joseph will be founding director of Tufts University's Center for the Study of Race and Democracy, which will stimulate research and debate on race and democracy in the United States and around the world.

Prof. David Ekbladh's The Great American Mission: Modernization and the Construction of an American World Order won the 2010 Phi Alpha Theta Best First Book Award.

Love, American Style: Courtship in America: Professor Drachman's exciting research seminar.  Read the article >

"Who said Gaddafi had to go?" by Prof. Hugh Roberts, in London Review of Books.
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