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Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program in history accepts only well-prepared students who intend to work closely with a particular Tufts faculty member. Students in the Tufts M.A. program may apply to be transferred into the Ph.D. program after one year of study, and the department will consider applications from students who have completed a Master's Degree in History or the equivalent elsewhere.

The Tufts History Department offers the Ph.D. in History in a limited number of fields:

Requirements for admission: exceptional performance in M.A. course work; proficiency on entrance in at least one foreign language (proficiency in two foreign languages is required before completion of the degree); GRE (Aptitude Section only) and, if appropriate, TOEFL; detailed statement of intent, including discussion of planned dissertation field. The prospective applicant should be in contact with Professors Ayesha Jalal and Kris Manjapra for the Modern South Asia program, with Professor Elizabeth Foster for Global History. Students admitted with a Master's Degree from another university will be allowed to transfer up to eight course credits.

Requirements for completion: proficiency in two foreign languages; completion of sixteen courses at the graduate level, including the Historiographical Proseminar and two Graduate Colloquia; at least three semesters of independent readings or research; oral and written examinations in three fields, based on course work and readings, administered by the appropriate members of the department; dissertation directed by the supervising faculty, to be read and defended before a committee including the adviser, at least one other member of the department, and a third faculty member in the field, drawn, if possible, from another institution. This defense will also include presenting a chapter to the Graduate-Faculty Roundtable. Additional requirements for the South Asia Ph.D. and the Global History Ph.D.