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Alphabetical Listing

Core Faculty

Rachel Applebaum
Assistant Professor Modern Russia, Modern Eastern Europe
Virginia G. Drachman Professor Modern America, Women in the U.S., Medicine and Society in the U.S.
David Ekbladh Associate Professor U.S. in the World, International History, Modern U.S. History
Leila Fawaz
Professor Middle East
Kendra Taira Field Assistant Professor Nineteenth-century U.S., African American, Native American
Elizabeth Foster Associate Professor Modern France in the World, Colonial West Africa
Ayesha Jalal
Professor South Asia, the Muslim World
Gary P. Leupp
Professor Japan
Kris Manjapra Associate Professor Modern South Asia, Modern Germany, Intellectual History
Beatrice F. Manz
Professor, CHAIR Middle East and Inner Asia
Steven P. Marrone
Professor Medieval, Early Modern Europe
Ina Baghdiantz McCabe
Professor Armenia and Cross-Cultural World
Jeanne Marie Penvenne Professor Africa
David Proctor
Senior Lecturer Late Antique & Medieval Western Europe, Byzantium, Southeastern Europe, Papal-Imperial relations
Alisha Rankin
Associate Professor Early Modern Europe
James Rice
Visiting Professor Early America, Native American, and Environmental History
Hugh Roberts
Professor Edward Keller Professor of North African and Middle Eastern History, North Africa, Middle East
Reed Ueda
Professor Industrial and Urban U.S., Immigration
Peter Winn
Professor Latin America
Man Xu
Assistant Professor Chinese History


Adrian Brettle Lecturer American History
Robert Cross  Lecturer British History
Rodolfo Fernandez Lecturer Latin American
Kerri Greenidge Lecturer African-American History

Adjunct Faculty

  • Steven Cohen, Adjunct Lecturer, History, political science and philosophy, curricula instruction, practice of teaching history and political science
  • Heather D. Curtis, Adjunct Assistant Professor, History of Christianity, American Religious History, History of Protestant Spirituality
  • Sol Gittleman, America and the National Pastime
  • Steven W. Hirsch, Adjunct Associate Professor, Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern
  • R. Bruce Hitchner, Adjunct Professor, Roman history, archaeology and International Relations
  • John C. Perry, Adjunct Professor, Japanese diplomatic
  • Winifred Rothenberg, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Economics
  • John C. Schneider, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Social history of U.S. cities, homelessness in the United States, 1800-1950, mob violence and public order in American history

Emeritus Faculty

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