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Spring 2016

Course # Course Title Professor
90 Community and Culture: Comparative History of the Industrial North and the Global West Ueda
93 Family Histories and American Culture Field
96 World War II and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union Applebaum
Course # Course Title Professor
190 Travel Writing and History Baghdiantz McCabe
192 Argentina & Brazil Winn
195 South Asia and China: Connections and Comparisons Jalal
196 First World War and its Legacy Foster
Course # Course Title Professor
2 Globalization Winn
3 World in Motion Ueda
14 Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Crises in Africa Since 1850 Penvenne
23 Colonial North America & The Atlantic World To 1763 Smith
29 U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1900 Droessler
32 Women in America since the 1950's Drachman
41 Modern Chinese History Xu
54 Europe since 1815 Proctor
56 Europe in the High Middle Ages Marrone
62 Reform & Revolution: Late Imperial Russia & the Soviet Union Applebaum
65 Great Britain And The British Empire Cross
71 Middle East and North Africa Since WW1 Roberts
74 Modern Armenia Baghdantz McCabe
80 Christianity & Globalization
[Cross-listed as Religion 37]
82 U.S. Latino/Latina History Fernandez
87 Algeria since 1900 Roberts
Course # Course Title Professor
112 Angola and Mozambique: From Liberation To Humanitarian Crises Penvenne
124 Sickness and Health in America Drachman
135 Gender And Sexuality In Japanese History Leupp
152 The Religious and Spiritual Map of Europe 300-1500
[Cross-listed as Religion 113]
157 Empresses, Saints & Scholars: The Women of Byzantium
[Cross-listed as Classics 110]
160 France & Africa Since the Eighteenth Century Foster
165 Mongol Empire Manz
175 Contemporary South Asia Jalal
Course # Course Title Professor
215 Exhibition Planning Turino
290 The Meaning of Things: Interpreting American Material Culture TBA

* Course number not yet confirmed.

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