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Fall 2016

Course # Course Title Professor
93 Gender and Containment in the 1950s Drachman

Europe in the 1960s

97 The History of the Life of the Prophet Muhammad and the Rise of Islam Manz
Course # Course Title Professor
191 Africa Penvenne
193 Pacific Coast America Ueda
196 The European Witch-Hunt Marrone
Course # Course Title Professor
2 Globalization Winn
10 Colonialism in Global Perspective Manjapra
22 The Changing American Nation: 19th & 20th Centuries Ueda

Antebellum and Civil War America, 1815-1877

31 Rise of the Modern Woman Drachman
40 History of Pre-Modern China Xu
42 Japan to 1868 Leupp
46 Modern South Asia Jalal
53 Europe to 1815 Proctor
55 Europe in the Early Middle Ages Marrone
58 Byzantines and Their World Proctor
61 Icons and Tsars: Early Modern and Imperial Russia Applebaum
66  Spain and its Empire Cross
70 Middle East and North Africa to WWI Roberts
Course # Course Title Professor
132 Religion in Japanese History Leupp
138 Confucianism from China to the Modern World Xu
173 The Other Bostonians: Race and Citizenship from Winthrop to White Greenidge
173 Indigenous Peoples of North America Rice
175 Islam and the West Jalal
177 Outsiders and the City: Berbers, Bedouin & Kurds in MENA History, 1700 to Present Roberts
Course # Course Title Professor
198 Senior Thesis Colloquium Penvenne
Course # Course Title Professor
200 Historiography Baghdiantz McCabe
203 Comparative Colloquia: History & Memory Winn
209 War and Society in the Middle East in Historical Perspective Fawaz

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