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Spring 2015

Please note: This is a tentative list only. Inevitably there will be changes in the proposed curriculum due to leaves, retirements, and the hiring of new members of the department. Students should reconfirm offerings during the pre-registration period of the semester before a course is to be given.
* indicates new course

Course # Course Title Professor
93 North America: Family Histories and American Culture*
[Cross-listed as American Studies 194 and Africana Studies 147]
96 Europe: Nature & Knowledge* Rankin
96 Europe: France in WW II Foster
Course # Course Title Professor
190 World & Transregional History: Travel Writing and History Baghdiantz McCabe
192 Latin America: Contemporary Chile in Comparative Perspective Winn
193 North America: Girlhood in the 1950's Drachman
195 South Asia: South Asia in Transnational Perspective Manjapra
Course # Course Title Professor
2 Globalization Winn
3 A World in Motion Ueda
4 Empires and Nations* Foster
11 Worlds to Make: The Global History of International Development* Ekbladh
13 Reconstructing Africa's Past to 1850 Banwo
14 Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Crises in Africa Banwo
19 Modern Latin America Sullivan
24 Revolutionary America, 1763-1815 Smith
29 U.S. Foreign Relations 1900 to Present Ekbladh
33 Women in America since the 1950s Drachman
35 African Americans in the Post-Civil Rights Era Joseph
36 Communities and Diversity in U.S. Social History Ueda
37 Civil War, Race, and Reconstruction*
[Cross-listed as American Studies 194 and Africana Studies 147]
41 Modern China Brazelton
43 Japan from 1868 Leupp
51 History of Ancient Rome
[Cross-listed as CLS 38]
54 Europe since 1815 Proctor
56 Europe in the High Middle Ages Marrone
62 Modern Russia: The Soviet Union from International Revolution to Global Power Applebaum
67 Modern Spain Schmidt-Nowara
71 The Middle East and North Africa since World War I Roberts
73 History of Iran Manz
74 Modern Armenia Baghdiantz McCabe
77 Egypt since 1952 Roberts
80 Christianity & Globalization since the Middle Ages (History of Christianity 2)
[Cross-listed as Religion 37]
82 U.S. Latino/Latina History Fernandez
83 History of Religion in America to the Civil War
[Cross listed as Religion 40]
Course # Course Title Professor
132 Religion in Japanese History Leupp
154 Health and Healing in Medieval and Early Modern Europe Rankin
156 Science, Magic, and Society 1100-1700 Marrone
157 Empresses, Saints & Scholars: The Women of Byzantium
[Cross-listed as Classics 110]
170.01 Decolonization and Postcolonial Thought
[Cross-listed as ENG 192]
170.02 World/Transregional: Global History*
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Course # Course Title Professor
215 Exhibition Planning Turino & Iacobucci
290 The Meaning of Things: Interpreting American Material Culture Tisdale
291 Collections Care and Preservation Neuman

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