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Fall 2015

Please note: This is a tentative list only. Inevitably there will be changes in the proposed curriculum due to leaves, retirements, and the hiring of new members of the department. Students should reconfirm offerings during the pre-registration period of the semester before a course is to be given.

Course # Course Title Professor
91 Historiography, Theory and Methods in African History Penvenne
92 1492 & All That: The Encounter & Its Consequences Winn
96 Demons in Medieval and Early Modern Europe Marrone
Course # Course Title Professor
193 Pacific Coast America Ueda
197 Islamism and Reform in the Contemporary Middle East and North Africa Roberts
Course # Course Title Professor
5 History of Consumption Baghdiantz McCabe
17 The Americas Winn
22 The Changing American Nation: The 19th and 20th Centuries Ueda
28 United States Foreign Relations, 1600 to 1900 Droessler
31 Rise of the Modern Woman Drachman
33 African Americans in US History to 1865 Field
40 History of Pre-Modern China Du
42 Japan to 1868 Leupp
46 Modern South Asia: History, Culture, Political Economy Jalal
53 Europe to 1815 Proctor
55 Europe in the Early Middle Ages Marrone
58 The Byzantines and Their World (cross-list Classics 39) Proctor
59 Continent in Conflict, Europe 1914-2000 Foster
61 Icons and Tsars: Early Modern and Imperial Russia Applebaum
86 The Tudor & Stuart Age: Britain 1485-1714 Cross
Course # Course Title Professor
100 Marxism Mulholland
110 Race, Class, And Power in Southern Africa Penvenne
115 Revolution in Latin America: Mexico and Cuba Sullivan
121 Courtship in Modern America Drachman
133 Japanese History through Literature Leupp
159 French Revolution Foster
167 Medieval Islam Manz
175 Islam and the West Jalal
177 Outsiders and the City: Berbers, Beduin, Kurds and Other 'Marginal' Peoples in the ME & NA, 1700 CE to Present Roberts
198 Senior Thesis Colloquium Penvenne
Course # Course Title Professor
200 Historiography Baghdiantz McCabe
209 War and Society in the Middle East in Historical Perspective Fawaz

* Course number not yet confirmed.

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