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Spring 2014

Please note: This is a tentative list only. Inevitably there will be changes in the proposed curriculum due to leaves, retirements, and the hiring of new members of the department. Students should reconfirm offerings during the pre-registration period of the semester before a course is to be given.

Course # Course Title Professor
90 British Empire and American Nation, from the Revolution to Pearl Harbor
View syllabus >
96 Vichy France Foster
96 History of the Book Rankin
Course # Course Title Professor
192 Brazil & Argentina Winn
193 The Global 1930s Ekbladh
195 Bay of Bengal: Flows of Change Manjapra
Course # Course Title Professor
01 International Relations in Historical Perspective
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02 Globalization Winn
25 Antebellum & Civil War America, 1815-1877 Carp
29 U.S. Foreign Relations 1900 to Present Ekbladh
41 History of Modern China Xu
43 Japan from 1868 Leupp
54 Europe since 1815 Proctor
56 Europe in the High Middle Ages Marrone
71 The Middle East and North Africa since World War I Roberts
77 Egypt since 1952 Roberts
80 International Research Colloquium
[Cross-listed as INTR 91]
82 U.S. Latino/Latina History Fernandez
Course # Course Title Professor
100 Historical Marxism Mulholland
110 Race, Class, and Power in Southern Africa Penvenne
127 Religion, Race, and Nation in American History
[Cross-listed as Religion 102]
Mara Willard
128 Civil Rights Movement Joseph
134 Tokugawa Japan Leupp
152 The Religious and Spiritual Map of Europe, 300-1500 Marrone
154 Health and Healing in Medieval and Early Modern Europe Rankin
157 Empresses, Saints & Scholars: The Women of Byzantium [Cross-listed as Classics 110] Proctor
160 France and Africa Foster
166 History of Afghanistan Manz
170 Decolonization and Postcolonial Thought Manjapra
174 Women and Gender in East Asian Tradition Xu
Course # Course Title Professor
215 Exhibition Planning Ken Turino and
Cara Iacobucci
217 Graduate Colloquium in Early American History Carp
290 Material Culture Rainey Tisdale
291 Collections Care and Preservation
[Cross-listed as FAH 288]
Ingrid Neuman
292 Museum Studies Internship
[Cross-listed as FAH 289 and ED 284]
Cynthia Robinson

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