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Spring 2013

Please note: This is a tentative list only. Inevitably there will be changes in the proposed curriculum due to leaves, retirements, and the hiring of new members of the department. Students should reconfirm offerings during the pre-registration period of the semester before a course is to be given.

Course # Course Title Professor
93 Nation, Region, and Community in the U.S. Ueda
95 Comparative Anti-Colonialism Manjapra
96 History of the Book Rankin
Course # Course Title Professor
190 The Global 1930s Ekbladh
193 Courtship in America Drachman
195 Islam on the Indian Ocean Rim Jalal
196 The Suez Crisis, 1956 Malchow
Course # Course Title Professor
01 IR in Historical Perspective Malchow
03 A World in Motion: Global History and Migration Ueda
09 Christianity and Globalization
[Cross-listed as REL 36]
14 Historical Perspectives on Contemporary Crises in Africa Penvenne
29 U.S. Foreign Relations 1900 to Present Ekbladh
34 African-Americans before Civil War Lewis
37 Religion and Politics in American History Curtis
41 Modern Chinese History Xu
42 Japan from 1868 Leupp
54 Europe since 1815 Proctor
56 Europe in the High Middle Ages Marrone
57 Renaissance and Reformation Europe Rankin
63 Modern Germany: Unification to Reunification Manjapra
67 Modern Spain: Global Empire to European Union Schmidt-Nowara
71 The Middle East and North Africa Since World War I Roberts
83 Cultural History of the African American Great Migration McCammack
86 1968 Mulholland
86 Modern Mexico Corbett
87 Egypt Since 1952 Roberts
Course # Course Title Professor
105 Greece, Rome and China Hirsch
118 Caribbean History Schmidt-Nowara
127 Religion, Race and Nation in American History
[Cross-listed as REL 102]
135 Gender & Sexuality in Japanese History Leupp
156 Science, Magic, and Society 1100-1700 Marrone
157 Empresses, Saints & Scholars: The Women of Byzantium
[Cross-listed as Classics 110]
161 Vienna: A Biography
[Cross-listed as GER 76]
162 Economics of the British Industrial Revolution, 1750-1850
[Cross-listed as Economics 87]
165 Mongol Empire Manz
174 Confucianism: From China to the World Xu
175 Contemporary South Asia Jalal
176 The Roman Empire From Augustus to the Late Hitchner
Course # Course Title Professor
289 Exhibition Planning Turino and Iacobucci
291 Collection Care and Preservation Neuman
292 Museum Studies Internship TBA
296 Masters Continuation Full-time TBA
502 Ph.D. Continuation TBA

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