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Spring 2007

Please note: This is a tentative list only. Inevitably there will be changes in the proposed curriculum due to leaves, retirements, and the hiring of new members of the department. Students should reconfirm offerings during the pre-registration period of the semester before a course is to be given.

Course # Course Title Professor Time Block
1.01 Girlhood in the 1950's Drachman 7 W 1:30-4:00PM
1.02 The French Revolution Zanger 8 R 1:30-4:00PM
1.03 Men, Women and Patriarchy in the Middle East Manz 6 T 1:30-4:00PM
1.13 Massachusetts and the American Revolution Carp 5 M 1:30-4:00PM
Course # Course Title Professor Time Block
180.01 Atlantic Revolutions Lucena-Giraldo F+ T &R 12:00-1:15PM
183.01 Religion, Law and Misplaced Secularity Jalal 5+ M 1:20-4:20PM
184.01WW Travel Writing and History Baghdiantz McCabe 3 R 9:00-12:00PM
186.01 Brazil & Argentina Winn 6+ T 1:20-4:20PM
187.01 Urban Society in the U. S. during the Industrial Revolution Ueda 4 F 9:00-11:30AM
Course # Course Title Professor Time Block
2 Globalization Winn G+ M&W 1:30-2:45PM
17 Ancient Rome Hitchner H+ (T/R 1:30-2:45)
27 Early and Imperial Russia Mulholland D M 9:30-10:20AM T&R 10:30-11:20AM
39.04 Culture and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe Zanger G+ M&W 1:30-2:45PM
44 Modern China TBA I+ M&W 3-4:15PM
48 Japan since 1868 Leupp E M,W,F 10:30-11:20AM
61 Middle East since WWI TBA J+ T&R 3:00-4:15PM
65 [prev. 68] World of Islam Manz F+ T&R 12:00-1:15PM
66 Modern Armenia Baghdiantz McCabe F+ T&R 12:00-1:15PM
69.02 Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times Levi J+ T&R 3:00-4:15PM
84 Antebellum and Civil War America Carp E+ M&W 10:30-11:45AM
96 African Americans in U.S. History since 1865 Gill D M 9:30-10:20AM T&R 10:30-11:20AM
99.01 [prev. 88] Latinos in U.S. History Driscoll G+ M&W 1:30-2:45PM
Course # Course Title Professor Time Block
118 A Special Relationship: Britain and America Since WWII Malchow A+ M&W 8:05-9:20AM
119.04 Athens: Marathon to Socrates Hirsch F+ (T/R 12:00-1:15)
119.08 Stalin and Stalinism History and Biography Mulholland 8 R 1:30-4:00PM
124 [prev. 134] Tokugawa Japan Leupp 7 W 1:30-4:00PM
139.01 Contemporary South Asia Jalal TBA by Fletcher
152 Angola and Mozambique Penvenne D+ T&R 10:30-11:20AM
192 [prev. 02] Colloquium on International Research Penvenne and Eichenberg R 9:30-10:20PM
Course # Course Title Professor Time Block
202 The Comparative Study of Community Ueda 8 R 1:30-4:00PM
289 Exhibition Planning for the Small Museum Turino & Iacobucci 8 R 1:30-4:00PM
291 Collections Care and Preservation Neuman R 6:45-9:45PM
292 Museum Studies Internship TBA TBA

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