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Have you ever had trouble using a technology? Human Factors deals with the design of safe and satisfactory products based on human physical and cognative abilities. For example, the designs of cell phones, biomedical equipment, fighter plane cockpits, and nuclear power plant controls. -Eli Cushner

Tufts Human Factors Alumni

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David M. Cades - BA '03
Doctoral Student, George Mason University

David is currently in his third year of the Doctoral program in the Human Factors and Applied Cognition program at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. He is currently studying how people deal with interruptions in basic office settings and while driving. He has previously worked as a research assistant at Lighthouse International in New York City with Dr. Kent Higgins and Dr. Lei Liu and has held HF internships with Electronic Ink in Philadelphia, the American Institutes for Research in Boston, and Verizon Laboratories in Waltham.

Jennifer Giroux - BA '07
User Experience Designer, Mad*Pow Media Solutions

Jennfer is the former president of THFES. She currently does user research including usability testing, stakeholder inquiries, contexutal inquiries, card sorts, etc. and then creates wireframes for screens that will speak to both the users' needs and the business needs of the client.

Blade Kotelly - BA '95
Chief Voice User Interface Designer, Edify

Author of The Art and Business of Speech Recognition: Creating the Noble Voice, Blade is an expert in voice recognition systems. He continues to be active in the Tufts community by teaching a speech recognition course through the Ex-College and taking on an active role in shaping the Human Factors program. You can read an interview with Blade from Ubiquity.

Beth Loring - BS '86, MS '94
Director, Design and Usability Center, Bentley College

With more than twenty publications and over twenty years of experience in the field of Human Factors, Beth is an expert in the areas of user needs assessment, user interface design, usability evaluation methods, and ergonomics. Prior to joining Bentley, she has been employed by organizations such as at the American Institutes for Research and IDEO Product Development, working on the design and evaluation of a wide variety of products including many consumer devices. Beth is a Certified Human Factors Professional and has been recognized with awards from  IDEA/Business Week and ID Magazine.

Josef Scherpa - MS '03
Product Design Lead, IBM/Lotus

Joe is the product design lead for IBM Lotus Sametime Instant Messaging, the enterprise-leading unified communications platform, with over 17 million users worldwide. Joe designs chat, video and telephony interfaces, as well as upcoming enterprise social networking and collaboration products. Prior to design for these interfaces across the web, rich clients, and mobile devices, Joe was a usability specialist for Lotus while completing his Masters Degree in Human Factors at Tufts. A Massachusetts native who received his BS from WPI, Joe now lives in Colorado, spending his free time taking helmet cam footage while skiing powder days and mountain biking.

Adam Shames - BS '01
Director, Human Factors, Design Science

As a Human Factors expert at Design Science, Adam helps companies fit their products to the needs of their users. He also has an MBA in International Business and worked previously as a Usability Specialist for Fidelity Investments.

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