Boston, January 2002
Dear Greeks,

A little while ago, a few other students and myself went to a conference at the Helexpo Center in Thessaloniki, to represent the Greek students of the Boston area. The conference was about the Olympics of 2004, which will be held in Athens, and more specifically about the volunteers that are needed for this event to happen. Our task is to inform you, all the Greek students of the Boston area, about what we were told over there and how you can also be involved. In the following pages you will find the material that was given to us during the conference. More specifically, in the following 70 pages you will find:
-The program schedule of the conference
-The booklet of the Greek Volunteer
-The speech of Takis Skandalakis, the Vice President of the committee of the Greeks Abroad Organization
-The speech of Grigoris Niotis, the President of the committee of the Greeks Abroad Organization.
-The booklet of the Greeks Abroad Organization
-The booklet of ATHENS 2004, Olympic News
-An application to join the volunteers.

Through these pages, you will find more about what it means to be a volunteer for the Olympics, what will be your tasks if you wish to participate, and how to apply.

For more information, please keep checking this website, as it will be updated several times until the date of the Olympics.
And of course, feel free to contact me for more information  here


George Papanikolaou - Volunteer



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