The Constitution of
The Hellenic Society of Tufts University

Article I

Section I The name of this organization shall be the Hellenic Society of Tufts University.

Article II

Section I The purpose of the Hellenic Society is to introduce the Greek culture into the Tufts community.

Article III

Section I Membership is open to anyone in the Tufts community that wishes to partake in the cultural events and shows a common interest in Greek culture.

Article IV

Section I General meetings will take place bi-weekly or whenever necessary to involve the body of members, throughout the academic year.

Article V

Section I The officers of the Hellenic Society shall be a board of six officers which will be an inter-rim board during the fall semester, in the spring semester, officers will emerge with unparallel positions, each position will assume a different duty in the administration of the Hellenic Society.

Section II The duties of administration will be dealt with by the board, where, these duties will be split among each officer.

Section III Elections will be held during the last month of the school year.

Section IV A vacant seat of the board will be dealt with by an election by the members of the Hellenic Society at the nearest possible date of that vacancy.

Section V For an election of a board member, a majority vote is needed.

Section VI Elections are all valid if the body of the Hellenic Society present, is representational of more than sixty six percent of the regular voting members.

Article VI

Section I Advisors to the club will be elected by the body of the Society under the same terms as officers are elected.

By Laws

Article I

Section I A voting member is recognized by attendance to the majority of meetings and events held during the academic year.

Article II

Section I Amendments may be proposed by any member that is active in the society.

Section II Proposed amendments will be voted on at the next possible general meeting.

Section II Amendments will be passed by a sixty six majority vote by the members of the society and pending the approval of the T.C.U.J..