By Fanis Exadaktylos

AREA CODE (0310)

(A GUIDE FOR FUN – And fun ONLY!!!)

DAY 1…

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece. Populated by over one million people, this old city is resting on the waters of Thermaikos Gulf in the district of Macedonia, just 513km north of Athens. You can easily get there by car, train or even airplane—it’s only a 45-minute flight.

Don’t waste any time resting in your hotel. Every minute spend in the city is eternally memorable. As soon as you leave your luggage in your hotel, start out by exploring great morning coffee. I would definitely suggest " Domatio me Thea" – 5th floor, Aristotelous Sq. 10 over Olympion Cinema (230.875). Are you hungry? Continue your stroll with some "ouzo" at little taverns around the main market. The best solution is the fish-tavern "Ta Louloudadika" – Komninon 20 (225.624). Unless you want to mix with higher culture, go to one of the few remaining "restaurants" for lunch where you can find everything you wish! " Tiffany’s" – Iktinou 3 (274.022).

When the sun starts to set, it’s a good time to enjoy either some sleep or a nice movie at the Plateia Alpha Odeon Multiplex inside the Plateia Mall – Tsimiski and Aristotelous Sq. (290.100). Enjoy nine brand new theaters and nice bag of pop corn with your sweetheart!!!

The night has come! Get started with a drink at "Café Decadence " by the old waterfront – Nikis Ave. 63 (221.220). Did you create the nicest mood? Now let’s go shake our bodies at " PR Club" (former Privilege) – Frixou 6 (533.332) Sfageia Area, and finally, to dance till the break of dawn (8am) at "Art House – Alysida ", Al. Papanastasiou 104 (0945 363 945).

While coming back to your hotel, if feeling hungry, stop at one of the oldest and best bakeries of Thessaloniki, "Terkenlis " for the famous Thessaloniki "Mpougatsa" – Aristotelous Sq. and Tsimiski St.

DAY 2…

If you wake up on time for lunch, have a glass of "ouzo" at " Ouzou Melathron" – Karypi 21, entrance from Ionos Dragoumi St. (220.043). Otherwise prefer something more "classy" such as "La Pasteria ", famous italian restaurant, inside the Plateia Mall – Tsimiski 43, (238.600).

What follows after a good meal? A cup of coffee. Here you have many options, the best of which appear to be "Blue Café " – Nikis Ave. 13 (waterfront – 228.798) or " Bellair" – Vogatsikou 1 (221.732).

If you feel like surfing the Internet or send an e-mail to your buddies in Boston to tell them about your four wild days in Thessaloniki, try one of the many Internet Cafes: Mega-Net – Navarinou Sq. 5 (250.331) or Cyber-Net – Navarinou Sq. 14 (223.060).

Our night begins with a light drink at the Bar-Restaurant " Olympion" in Aristotelous Sq. 10 (278.920) and then staight to an " Ellinadiko" (Greek Music only) to shake the asses along with oriental and greek vibes. Let’s go to " Rodon LIVE" by the " Poseidonion Swimming Center" (424.058). Some might try "Mamounia LIVE" in the cultural complex of " BILKA" – Andreou Georgiou 21 (557.000). For famous names and unforgettable nights try " PYLI AXIOU", where Despoina Vandi, Giannis Parios, Giannis Ploutarxos, Vassilis Karras with Antzela Dimitriou, Anna Vissi, Sakis Rouvas and others have performed – Andreou Georgiou 9 (553.198, 553.158).

After the late night, it is almost a duty to stop by " Lefteris" for "patsas" or other soups – Egnatia 67 (220.242) – or prefer something more common like the 24hr " Sandwichland" – Iktinou 2.

DAY 3…

If you are still able to walk, or even wake up, try the Mexican restaurant " Pao-Pao" in BILKA for lunch – Andreou Georgiou 21 (556.313) or just across the street in MYLOS, try "ouzo-tavern" " O Kipos ton Prinkipon" for a more greek orientation (551.836). For your coffee, try the latest café in the city, "PLAYHOUSE " – P.P. Germanou and Pavlou Mela corner, 1st floor (261.086) or the more cultural "Zogia " Book-Tea-Sympathy on El. Venizelou 1 (282.868).

The night is finally here! Let’s start with a huge crepe at " Christa’s House of Crepe" – Byronos 3, Diagonios (281.620) or if you can spend some extra euros for European and German kitchen, try "DRAFT " Brew House – Salaminos 8 (534.312). An alternative solution could be something Mediterranean at "GRECO – Central Café" – Pavlou Mela 30 (263.886).

Then straight to Ladadika Area for dancing. Here you will face many choices but the Highlights are Club "VeryKOKO " – Morixovou Sq., Ladadika (544.554), " Buddha Bar" – Tsimiski and Lykourgou, Ladadika (541.454) or for something more original try " BOOGIE" – Ol. Diamanti 55, Ano Ladadika, for Rap – Latin – Sol – Funky situations. We will end up in " My Club" – 26th October 61 (540.607) or for a sex-cellent strip show at " Men’s Platinum" – 3rd September 1 (230.630). After the night is over, go to " Makis" for gyros, right past the PAOK Football Stadium in Toumba – Grigoriou Lambraki 136 (921.011) or for a crepe at " Valentino’s" – Dimitriou Gounari 25 (284.031).


DAY 4…

Since you have now prepared your suitcases to go and if you have time and money left (!) have a morning coffee at various cafes like " Central" – Karolou Dill 18 (274.580), " Aeras" – Nikis Ave. 13 (232.991) or at "Afros " – Vogatsikou 3 (233.709).

If you feel hungry before your departure, try the many taverns of the city: " Ta Adelfia tis Pyxarias" – Navarinou Sq. 7 (266.432), "Tzovaeri " – Patriarxou Ioakeim 26, Kamara (209.459), " Prytaneio" – Al. Papadopoulou 72, Tsinariou Sq. (286.356) or at "Steki Tou Vaggou" behind the Ivanofeio Stadium of "Hraklis" (205.762).



NTO-RE Zythos, Stratigou Tsirogianni 7, 279.010

Hoffman’s, Aristotelous Sq 8., 242.124

To Kourdisto Gourouni, Agias Sofias 30, 274.672


Bouli ton Ellinon, Ag. Sofias 21, 268.453

Krasodikeio, Filippou kai Venizelou, 239.031

Dyo portes exei i Zoi, Fottakou 3, 217.324


Ta Tsilika, Doxis 5, Ladadika, 551.400

Paris-Ta Ponira Mezedakia, Kolokotroni 16, Sxoli Tyflon, 850.400

Ta Xasapakia, Gravias 8, Ano Poli, 201.379

Sourta-Ferta, Eptapyrgiou 122, Ano Poli, 218.038

To Kapileio tou Plastara, Kyprou 3, Ano Poli, 202.214

Folia Tou Kokkora, Laxana 33, Arxi Papafi, 837.770


Ydrogeios, 26th October 33, 516.515

Malt ‘n’ Jazz, Proxenou Koromila 2, 278.876

To Mystiko, Skopou 12, 40 Ekklisies, 200.204


Gorgones kai Magkes, Alexandrou Stavrou 18, 910.110

Maskes, Aristotelous Sq. 10, 237.103

Mouses, 3rd September 1, 231.237


Sachi, Aggelaki 25, 222.122

Figaro, Al. Papanastasiou, Across Ippokrateio Hospital

Aggathi, Vaiou 5, Ladadika, 541.154

Dalí, Lykourgou 3, Ladadika, 533.749


Grotesque, Pavlou Mela 4, 240.604

Melía, Mitropoleos 70 & Mitr. Iosif, 222.908

La Strada, Tsimiski 95, 236.975

All Day Bar, Kalapothaki 5, 220.301

Ethnik, Proxenou Koromila 1, 272.940


Moulin Rouge, Odysseos 9, Vardari, 516.086

Psipsines, Giannitson 110, 550.540

For Difficult Times when you are so exhausted here are some Taxi Phone Numbers:

Makedonia 550.500

Megas Alexandros 866.866

Mercedes Club 525.000

Lefkos Pyrgos 214.900

Thessaloniki 551.525

Omega 511.855

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