About Graduate Student Organizations (GSO)

Forming a Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is easy and has many benefits.  We've created two sheets: one that describes the benefits for creating a GSO for your department, the other for a GSO that spans departments. Both talk about the steps involved in creating one.  We've also made the process simpler by making a sample GSO budget and a sample GSO constitution.  It's easier than ever to start a group and create academic and social events for your fellow students, make new friends and colleagues, and apply for GSC funding. Take a look! 

Currently Recognized GSOs (FY 2016-2017)

Name (acronym) President
Graduate Student Activity Group of ACM-W (ACM-W) Anzu Hakone (anzu.hakone@tufts.edu)
Biology Union of Graduate Students (BUGS) Matthew Kamm (matthew.kamm@tufts.edu)
Chemistry Graduate Student Council (CGSC) Kaitlin Chambers (kaitlin.chambers@tufts.edu)
Computer Science League of Learning (CSLOL) (web) (fb) Jason Wilson (jwilso12@tufts.edu)
Graduate Physics and Astronomy Student Society (GPASS) Derek Walkama (derek.walkama@tufts.edu)
Society of Women Engineers Graduate Chapter (GSWE) Casey Corrado (casey.corrado@tufts.edu)
Indian Society at Tufts (ISAT) Sudharsan Madhavan (sudharsan.madhavan@tufts.edu)
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students Organization (MEGSO) Piers Echols-Jones (piers.echols_jones@tufts.edu)
Organization of Graduate Students of Mathematics (OGSM) Andrew Sanchez (andrew.sanchez@tufts.edu)
The Optical Society of America Tufts Chapter (OSA) Dimitria Pouli (dimitria.pouli@tufts.edu)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Elizabeth Newman (e.newman@tufts.edu)
Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) Gwendolyn Niven (gwendolyn.niven@tufts.edu)
Student Planning and Policy Association (SPA) Sharon Eve (sharon.ron@tufts.edu)
Student Theatre Association of Graduate Education (STAGE) Ali Reza Mirsajadi (ali-reza.misajadi@tufts.edu)
Tufts Chinese Student and Scholar Association (TCSSA) Chen Liu (chen.liu@tufts.edu)
Tufts English Graduate Organization (TEGO) Bradley Smith (bradley.smith@tufts.edu)
Tufts Graduate Student Anime Club (TGSAC) Karl Cronburg (carl@cs.tufts.edu)

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