Fall 2014 Tufts Ignite
Call for Abstracts
Past Winners
The Tufts Graduate Student Council and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are proud to present the second installation of TuftsIgnite! This is a great opportunity for graduate students to present their research in the form of an Ignite-style talk! 
Students will present their research by creating a slide deck where 15 slides will auto-advance every 20 seconds. Presentations will be 5 minutes long with group Q&A sessions after every 5 speakers. Presentations can be based on a proposal, work in progress, completed experiment, or published work, and will be judged accordingly. Presentations will be judged based on clarity, merit/relevance, methodology, and broader impact. 
Let the Tufts community here know what you’re doing, but keep it in the Ignite theme of “enlighten us, but make it quick!” The inaugural TuftsIgnite event will take place November 5 from 5-7 PM in Anderson Hall.  Food and drinks will be provided 
Call for Abstracts
Please submit proposals with 1-paragraph abstracts by October 29, 2014 at the following Google Form: 

Abstract: http://goo.gl/forms/OmDSqjrVm4

1) Five-Minute talk.  Slides auto advance every 20 seconds giving you a total of 5 minutes to present.

Some helpful resources to give an Ignite talk:
- Auto Advancing Slides in Powerpoint
- Why Give an Ignite Talk?
The Prize amounts for Tufts Ignite will be awarded by the judges:

$150,$100, and $50 for first, second, and third place respectively.

Thanks to those who have already volunteered!

Students interested in serving as event volunteers and faculty or administrators interested in serving as judges should please contact Michael Shah, chair of the GSC Academic and Career Development Committee, at Michael.Shah@tufts.edu

Past Winners
Congratulations to our Fall 2014 winners in the second annual Tufts Ignite.

Fall 2014 - Second Annual Tufts Ignite
1st Rachael Bonoan (Biology Ph.D.) - Heat Dissiption in the Honey Bee Hive
2nd Alvitta Ottley (Computer Science Eng. Ph.D.) - Improving Health Risk Communication
3rd Simon Howard (Psychology Ph.D.) - The Enigmatic Link: Religion and Prejudice

Spring 2014 - First Tufts Ignitee
1st Naomi Berlove and Rabia Ergin (Psychology PhD) - A Brand New Language
2nd Tyler R Smith (School of the Mueseum of Fine Arts Masters) - Paradox and its Position to Time
3rd Lara Hwa (Psychology PhD) - Intermittent alcohol drinking: the link between regulated intake and out of control
Please contact Michael Shah at Michael.Shah@tufts.edu

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