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The National Association for Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS) is the only national governing body for graduate students. National conferences and regional conferences take place to gather graduate students to share best practices, work on larger advocacy initiatives, and work with legislators to make greater change (such as the Grads have Debt Campaign).

Tufts University and surrounding schools (MIT, Bentley, Columbia, Cornell, and others in the Northeast Region) participate as a member organization. Benefits range from being in a network of other professionals to discounts on various health and auto insurance deals. Tufts Graduate Students are welcome to explore their NAGPS membership options at, and subsequently as NAGPS members join an insurance plan that meets their needs.

Alumni interested in donating to graduate students may do so here: Students otherwise interested in learning more or getting involved should navigate to view the NAGPS ''Our Causes'' listing and About Us page from the website.       Meeting Minutes       Tufts Graduate School
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