The Health Services Office is pleased to announce:

Rates for Academic Year 2010-2011:

  1. Undergraduate: $1,473 ($1,389 last year)
  2. Graduate: $1,549 ($1,505 last year)

Changes in plan design:

  1. Hospitalization increased from $100,000 to $250,000
  2. Pharmacy increased from $1,500 to $2,000
  3. No pre-existing condition clause
  4. Outpatient surgery maximum of $15,000 eliminated

All other benefits remain the same except that out-of-network deductible has been increased to $250 (I believe it was $150 last year).

Please note that the Insurance Committee agreed that we have a goal of eliminating the differential between grad and undergrad rates over two years, which is why there is a slightly higher weighted increase on the undergrad side. We understand that other schools do not make a distinction between populations and we would like to be in line with this practice.

We are very proud of this negotiation. We have a very good plan for students at a really good price.

Two years ago, we received a 17% decrease in our premiums, after demonstrating over two years that our in-network utilization had increased substantially, causing our target loss ratio to be much lower than predicted.

Last year, we kept benefits flat and received no increase.

This year, we would have had no increase had we kept benefits flat, but student input as well as indications from the State that student plans needed to be more robust led us to this plan design alternation at a total increase of less than 5% before we re-calculated for grad/undergrad.       Meeting Minutes       Tufts Graduate School
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