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Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Supplemental Updates

In Context UpdateGDAE's Theory and Education Program is developing a series of short (1-3 page) updates on contemporary environmental and natural resource economics issues. They serve as extensions to the material covered within the textbook authored by Harris & Roach, and will continue to be provided on a regular basis.

Current publications include:

Accounting for Carbon Emission Externalities in U.S. Environmental Policy
Download Update #1 – Relates to Chapters 3, 18, and 19

Leaving Fossil Fuels Unused to Meet Climate Targets
Download Update #2 – Relates to Chapters 11, 18, and 19

The Economic Value of the World’s Oceans
Download Update #3 – Relates to Chapters 4, 6, 13, and 18

Status of the World’s Groundwater Supplies
Download Update #4 – Relates to Chapter 15

The Water Crisis in California
Download Update #5 – Relates to Chapter 15

Human and Planetary Health
Download Update #6 – Relates to Chapter 1, 2, and 7

If you have comments or suggestions for future briefs, email us at


Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: A Contemporary Approach 
Principles of Economics in ContextAuthored by Dr. Jonathan M. Harris and Dr. Brian Roach, this text presents in-depth analysis of major topics in resource and environmental economics. Drawing on both standard and ecological perspectives, the text relates theoretical questions to current issues such as population growth, water, food, and energy systems, pollution control, global climate change, trade and the environment, and "green" economics. The third edition is fully updated with new information and data on climate change and other issues.  More details and ordering information 

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