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Frontier Issues in Economic Thought

Edited by Rajaram Krishnan, Jonathan M. Harris, and Neva R. Goodwin

by Neva Goodwin

Overview Essay
Jonathan M. Harris

  1. Historical Roots for Ecological Economics - Biophysical Versus Allocative Approaches
    Paul P. Christensen

  2. The Teleological View of Wealth: A Historical Perspective
    Gerald Alonzo Smiths

  3. The Convergence of Neo-Ricardian and Embiodied Energy Theories of Value and Price
    D.H. Judsons

  4. Energy and Energetics in Economic Theory: A Review Essay
    Philip Mirowskis

  5. Introduction to Ecological Economics: Energy, Environment and Society
    Juan Martinex-Alier with with Klaus Schlüpmanns

  6. The History of the Future
    Juan Martinez-Alier with Klaus Schlüpmanns

  7. Biophysical and Marxist Economics: Learning From Each Other
    Robert Kaufmanns

  8. Biophysical Economics: Historical Perspective and Current Research Trends
    Cutler J. Cleveland

  9. World Environmental History and Economic Development
    J.F. Richards

  10. The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis
    Lynn White, Jr.

  11. The Case That the World Has Reached Limits
    Robert Goodland

  12. One Part Wisdom: The Great Debate
    Paul Harrison

  13. Environmental Significance of Development Theory
    F.E. Trainer

Overview Essay
Jonathan M. Harris

  1. Toward an Ecological Economics
    Robert Costanza and Herman E. Daly

  2. Foundations of an Ecological Economics
    David Pearce

  3. The Case for Methodological Pluralism
    Richard B. Norgaard

  4. Economics and Ecology: A Comparison of Experimental Methodologies and Philosophies
    Jason F. Shogren and Clifford Nowell

  5. Interdiscplinary Research Between Economists and Physical Scientists: Retrospect and Prospect
    Malte Faber and John L.R. Proops

  6. Rethinking Ecological and Economic Education: A Gestalt Shift
    Mary E. Clark

  7. Industrial Ecology: Reflections on a Colloquium
    Jesse H. Ausubel

  8. Sustainable Development: A Co-Evolutionary View
    Richard B. Norgaard

  9. Sustainable Development: A Critical Review
    Sharachchandra M. Lélé

  10. Recovering the Real Meaning of Sustainablity
    Vandana Shiva

  11. The Difficulty in Defining Sustainability
    Michael A. Toman

  12. Sustainable Development: What Is to Be Done?
    Johan Holmberg and Richard Sandbrook

  13. The Concept of Sustainability: Origins, Extensions, and Usefulness for Policy
    John A. Dixon and Louise A. Fallon

Overview Essay
Jonathan M. Harris

  1. On the Ideological Foundations of Environmental Policy
    Daniel A. Underwood and Paul G. King

  2. Towards an Ecological Economics of Sustainability
    Mick Common and Charles Perrings

  3. Alternative Approaches to Economic-Environmental Interactions
    Edward B. Barbier

  4. Introduction to the Steady-State Economy
    Herman E. Daly

  5. Allocation, Distribution, and Scale: Towards an Economics that is Efficient, Just, and Sustainable
    Herman E. Daly

  6. The Economic Growth Debate: What Some Economists Have Learned But Many Have Not
    Herman E. Daly

  7. The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth
    Kenneth E. Boulding

  8. Steady-State Economies and the Command Economic
    Kenneth N. Townsend

  9. Allocation, Distribution and Scale as Determinants of Environmental Degradation: Case Studies of Haiti, El Salvador and Costa Rica
    George Foy and Herman Daly

  10. On Economics as a Life Science
    Herman E. Daly

  11. The Entropy Law and the Economic Process in Retrospect
    Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen

  12. Thermodynamic and Economic Concepts as Related to Resource-Use Policies
    H.S. Burness, R.G. Cummings, Glenn Morris and Inja Paik

  13. Thermodynamic and Economic Concepts as Related to Resource-Use Policies: Comment and Reply
    Herman E. Daly (Comment) and H.S. Burness and R.G. Cummings (Reply)

  14. Economics, Ethics, and the Environment
    Richard B. Norgaard and Richard B. Howarth

  15. Neoclassical and Institutional Approaches to Development and the Environment
    Peter Söderbaum

  16. Economics as Mechanics and the Demise of Biological Diversity
    Richard B. Norgaard

  17. Reserved Rationality and the Precautionary Principle: Technological Change, Time and Uncertainty in Environmental Decision Making
    Charles Perrings

  18. Conservation Reconsidered
    John V. Krutilla

  19. The Human Firm in the Natural Environment: A Socio-Economic Analysis of Its Behavior
    John F. Tomer

Overview Essay
Jonathan M. Harris

  1. The Entropy Law and the Economic Problem
    Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen

  2. Selections from "Energy and Economic Myths"
    Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen

  3. Consumption, Production and Technological Progress: A Unified Entropic Approach
    Tran Huu Dung

  4. Is the Entropy Law Relevant to the Economics of Natural Resource Scarcity?
    Jeffrey T. Young

  5. Is the Entropy Law Relevant to the Economics of Natural Resource Scarcity? Comment
    Kenneth N. Townsend

  6. Is the Entropy Law Relevant to the Economics of Natural Resource Scarcity? - Yes, of Course It Is!
    Herman E. Daly

  7. Recycling, Thermodynamics and Environmental Thrift
    R. Stephen Berry

  8. Thermodynamics and Economics
    Robert U. Ayres and Indira Nair

  9. Energy Costs: A Review of Methods
    P.F. Chapman

  10. Energy and Money
    Howard and Elizabeth Odum

  11. Embodied Energy and Economic Valuation
    Robert Costanza

  12. Energy and the US Economy: A Biophysical Perspective
    Cutler J. Cleveland, Robert Costanza, Charles A.S. Hall and Robert Kaufmann

  13. Natural Resource Scarcity and Economic Growth Revisited: Economic and Biophysical Perspectives
    Cutler J. Cleveland

  14. The Biophysical Systems World View
    John Peet

  15. Energy, Labor, and the Conserver Society
    Bruce Hannon

  16. Industrial Metabolism
    Robert U. Ayres

  17. Industrial Input-Output Analysis: Implications for Industrial Ecology
    Faye Duchin

  18. Implementing Industrial Ecology
    T.E. Graedel, B.R. Allenby and P.B. Linhart

Overview Essay
Jonathan M. Harris

  1. Three Dilemmas of Environmental Accounting
    Richard B. Norgaard

  2. Environmental and Resource Accounting: An Overview
    Salah El Serafy and Ernst Lutz

  3. Correcting National Income for Environmental Losses: A Practical Solution for a Theoretical Dilemma
    Roefie Hueting

  4. GNP and Market Prices: Wrong Signals for Sustainable Economic Success That Mask Environmental Destruction
    Jan Tinbergen and Roefie Hueting

  5. A Survey of Resource and Environmental Accounting in Industrialized Countries
    Henry Peskin and Ernst Lutz

  6. Toward an Exact Human Ecology
    Malcolm Slesser

  7. Energy Analysis and Economic Valuation
    Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen

  8. Integrated Environmental-Economic Accounting, Natural Resource Accounts, and Natural Resource Management in Africa
    Glenn-Marie Lange and Faye Duchin

  9. Development, the Environment, and the Social Rate of Discount
    Anil Markandya and David W. Pearce

  10. Economic Indicators of Resource Scarcity: A Critical Essay
    Richard B. Norgaard

  11. Valuing Environmental Damage
    Per-Olov Johansson

  12. Some Problems with Environmental Economics
    Mark Sagoff

  13. The Worth of a Songbird: Ecological Economics as a Post-Normal Science
    Silvio O. Funtowicz and Jerome R. Ravetz

Overview Essay
Rajaram Krishnan

  1. Ten Reasons Why Northern Income Growth Is Not the Solution to Southern Poverty
    Robert Goodland and Herman E. Daly

  2. Intenational Assistance - A Problem Posing as a Solution
    David C. Korten

  3. The Case for Free Trade
    Jagdish Bhagwati

  4. The Perils of Free Trade
    Herman E. Daly

  5. Trading Off the Future: Making World Trade Environmentally Sustainable
    Paul Ekins

  6. Development, Poverty and the Growth of the Green Movement in India
    Jayanta Bandyopadhyay and Vandana Shiva

  7. Third World Development and Population
    Martin W. Lewis

  8. Radical American Environmentalism and Wilderness Preservation: A Third World Critique
    Ramachandra Guha

  9. Environmental Change and Violent Conflict
    Thomas F. Homer-Dixon, Jeffrey H. Boutwell and George W. Rathjens

  10. Introduction - Global Commons: Site of Peril, Source of Hope
    Neva R. Goodwin

Overview Essay
Neva Goodwin

  1. Intergenerational Justice as Opportunity
    Talbot Page

  2. Introduction: The Ethics of Sustainable Development
    J. Ronald Engel

  3. The Age of Plenty: A Christian View
    E.F. Schumacher

  4. The Search for an Environmental Ethic
    J. Baird Callicott

  5. Should Trees Have Standing? - Toward Legal Rights for Natural Objects
    Christopher D. Stone

  6. Legal Rights for Nature: The Wrong Answer to the Right(s) Question
    P.S. Elder

  7. Intergenerational Justice in Energy Policy
    Brian Barry

  8. Sustainable Rural Development in Latin America: Building from the Bottom-Up
    Miguel A. Altieri and Omar Masera

  9. Global Institutions and Ecological Crisis
    Jonathan M. Harris
Edited by Rajaram Krishnan, Jonathan Harris, and Neva Goodwin
1995. 350 pages; hardcover, $49.95; paperback, $24.95.
Island Press, Washington, DC
(To order, call 1-707-983-6414)

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