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Human Well-Being and Economic Goals

Edited by Frank Ackerman, David Kiron, Neva R. Goodwin, Jonathan M. Harris, and Kevin Gallagher

Table of Contents
Authors of Original Articles
Foreword by Tibor Scitovsky
Volume Introduction by Neva R. Goodwin

To read page 1 of each section's introductory essay, please click on the words "Overview Essay" within each section.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Well-being

Overview Essay
Neva R. Goodwin

Alternative Conceptions of the Economic Realm
Jerome Segal

The Meaning, Nature, and Source of Value in Economics
Tibor Scitovsky

Human Values and Economic Behavior
John Oliver Wilson

Material Well-Being and Human Well-being
Peter Travers and Sue Richardson

The Joyless Market Economy
Robert Lane

Economic Institutions and the Satisfaction of Human Needs
Ian Gough

The Ethical Limitations of the Market
Elizabeth Anderson

Human Well-being and the Natural World
John O'Neill

Taking Ethics Seriously: Economics and Contemporary Moral Philosophy
Daniel Hausman and Michael McPherson

Utility and Welfare I: The History of Economic Thought
Overview Essay
Frank Ackerman

Adam Smith on Justice and Distribution in Commercial Societies
John Salter
Jeremy Bentham
John Bonner

Pure versus Eclectic Utilitarianism: The Writings of Bastiat and Mill
E.K. Hunt

Philosophy and Economics in the Writings of Karl Marx
E.K. Hunt

The Neo-Classics: Utility
Joan Robinson
Jevons, Marshall and the Utilitarian Tradition

R. D. Collison Black
Thorstein Veblen
E.K. Hunt

Utility and Welfare II: Modern Economic Alternatives
Overview Essay
Frank Ackerman

Were the Ordinalists Wrong About Welfare Economics?
Robert Cooter and Peter Rappaport

Keynes' Political Philosophy
Rod O'Donnell

Welfare Economics
Peter Jackson

The Invisible Hand and Modern Welfare Economics
Joseph Stiglitz

Social Choice: The Science of the Impossible?
Peter Hammond

Some non-welfaristic Issues in Welfare Economics
Prasanta Pattanaik

Game and Decision Theoretic Models in Ethics
J.C. Harsanyi

A New Welfare Theory
Robin Hahnel and Michael Albert

Utility and Welfare III: Externalities, Valuation, and Cost-Benefit Analysis
Overview Essay
Frank Ackerman

Beyond the Dark Clouds: Pigou and Coase on Social Cost
Nahid Aslanbeigui

On Lemmings and Other Acquisitive Animals: Propositions on Consumption
E.K. Hunt and Ralph D'Arge

Choices without Prices without Apologies
Arild Vatn and Daniel W. Bromley

'Ask a Silly Question ...': Contingent Valuation of Natural Resource Damages
Harvard Law Review Editors

Valuing the Environment Through Contingent Valuation
W. Michael Hanemann

Regulating the Electricity Supply Industry by Valuing Environmental Effects
Andrew Stirling

The Methodology of Cost-Benefit Analysis, with Particular Reference to the Ozone Problem
Ezra J. Mishan and Talbot Page

Cost-Benefit Analysis, Safety, and Environmental Quality
Elizabeth Anderson

Selections from Benefit, Cost and Beyond
James Campen

Economics and the Good, I: Individuals
Overview Essay
David Kiron

Who is Happy?
David Myers and Ed Diener

New Challenges to the Rationality Assumption
Daniel Kahneman

Frames of Reference and the Quality of Life
Robert Frank

Against Parsimony: Three Easy Ways of Complicating Some Categories of Economic Discourse
Albert O. Hirschman

Should Preferences Count?
Mark Sagoff

Value, Desire, and Quality of Life
Thomas Scanlon

Me and My Life
Shelly Kagan

Review Essay: Amartya Sen^Òs Contributions to Understanding Personal Welfare
David Kiron

Economics and the Good, II: Community
Overview Essay
David Kiron

The Prosperous Community
Robert Putnam

Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital
James S. Coleman

The Winner-Take-All Society
Robert Frank and Philip J. Cook

Gang Behavior, Law Enforcement, and Community Values
George Akerlof and Janet L. Yellen

Institutions and Morale: The Crowding-out Effect
Bruno Frey

Return of the Citizen: A Survey of Recent Work on Citizenship Theory
Will Kymlicka and Wayne Norman

Trust as a Commodity
Partha Dasgupta

Amending the Economist's "Rational Egoist" Model to Include Moral Values and Norm Robert S. Goldfarb and William B. Griffith

Economics and the Good, III: Society
Overview Essay
David Kiron

Social Unity and Primary Goods
John Rawls

Welfare, Resources, and Capabilities: A Review of Inequality Reexamined by Amartya Sen
Robert Sugden

Distributive Justice and Desirable Ends of Economic Activity
Kenneth Arrow

Aristotelian Social Democracy
Martha Nussbaum

Distributive Justice, Welfare Economics, and the Theory of Fairness
Hal Varian

Complex Equality
Michael Walzer

Equality of Talent
John Roemer

Equal Opportunity or Equal Social Outcome
Marc Fleurbaey

Selections from Weighing Goods
John Broome

Poverty, The Welfare State, and Development Goals
Overview Essay
Frank Ackerman

The Evolution of Development Thought
Paul Streeten

Postive Freedom, Markets, and the Welfare State
Partha Dasgupta

Functioning and Capability: The Foundations of Sen and Nussbaum's Development Ethic
David Crocker

Connecting, Extending, Reversing: Development from a Gender Perspective
Naila Kabeer

Inequality and growth reconsidered: lessons from East Asia
Nancy Birdsall, David Ross, and Richard Sabot

Economic Theory and the Welfare State: A Survey and Interpretation
Nicholas Barr

Robert Kuttner

What is Distinctive about Swedish Social Democratic Ideology?
Timothy Tilton

The Three Political Economies of the Welfare State
Gøsta Esping-Andersen

Critiques of National Income Accounting and GDP
Overview Essay
Jonathan Harris

Concept of National Income
Simon Kuznets

Output Fred Block
Divergence of Measurement and Theory and Some Implications for Economic Policy\
Robert Eisner

Selections from If Women Counted
Marilyn Waring

Measuring Household Activities: Some International Comparisons
Ann Chadeau

National Income Accounts and the Environment
Henry Peskin

Environmental and Natural Resource Accounting: Where to Begin?
Carrie Meyer

The Indicators Crisis," or "Beyond GNP" from Paradigms in Progress
Hazel Henderson

Alternative Indicators of National Development
Overview Essay
Richard England

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