Julie A. Nelson

Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE)
44 Teele Ave.
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155 USA
Voice: (617)627-6872
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Curriculum Vitae

Fields of Interest:
Gender and economics; feminist social theory; philosophy of economics; teaching of economics; economics of the household; quantitative methods; public economics; labor economics; development.

Senior Research Associate, Global Development and Environment Institute, September 2001 to present.
Visiting Sowell Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Bates College, August 2003 to December 2003.
Fellow, Center for the Study of Values in Public Life, Harvard Divinity School, September 2000 to June 2001.
Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts Boston, September 1999 to August 2000.
Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Graduate School of International Economics and Finance, Brandeis University, July 1995 to August 1999.
Leif Johansen Research Award Programme Visiting Associate Professor of Economics, University of Oslo, Norway, May 1998.
Visiting Associate Professor of Women's Studies, Harvard University, February 1997 to June 1997.
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of California, Davis, July 1994 to June 1996.
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of California, Davis, July 1988 to June 1994.
Research Economist, Division of Price and Index Number Research, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington D.C., September 1986 to June 1988.
Research Assistant, Economics Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison, February to December, 1985.
Teaching Assistant, Economics Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison, September 1981 to June 1982, and September 1983 to December 1984. 
Research Assistant, Development Research Department, The World Bank, Washington D.C., September 1982 to August 1983.
Developed educational programs for churches and community groups, Hunger Action Coalition/Minnesota, Minneapolis, September 1978 to August 1980.

Ph.D., Economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1986.
M.A., Economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1982. 
B.A., Economics, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, 1978.


Books and Edited Volumes
Economics for Humans.Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2006.
Microeconomics in Context. Co-authored with Neva Goodwin, Frank Ackerman, and Thomas Weisskopf. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2005.
Feminist Economics Today: Beyond Economic Man.  Co-edited with Marianne A. Ferber. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003.  Chapters include:
"Introduction: Beyond Economic Man, Ten Years Later," pp. 1-31 (with Marianne A. Ferber) and "Separative and Soluble Firms: Androcentric Bias in Business Ethics," pp. 81-99 (sole author).
"Feminist Philosophies of Love and Work."  Special issue of Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy 17(2), Spring 2002. Co-edited with Paula England. Includes “Feminist Philosophies of Love and Work,” pp. 1-18 (with Paula England).
"Women at the End of the Millennium: What We Know, What We Need to Know." Special issue of The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance  39, 1999.  Co-edited with Marianne A. Ferber. Includes "Where Do We Go From Here?" pp. 781-783 (with Marianne A. Ferber).
Feminism, Objectivity, and Economics. London: Routledge, 1996.
Beyond Economic Man: Feminist Theory and Economics. Co-edited with Marianne A. Ferber. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993. Chapters include:
“Introduction: The Social Construction of Economics and the Social Construction of Gender,” pp. 1-22 (with Marianne A. Ferber). 
“The Study of Choice or the Study of Provisioning?  Gender and the Definition of Economics,”  pp. 23-36 (sole author).
Journal Articles
“Can We Talk? Feminist Economists in Dialogue with Social Theorists,” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society  31(4), Summer 2006, pp. 1052-1074.
“Why a Well-Paid Nurse Is a Better Nurse,” with Nancy Folbre. Nursing Economics  24(3), May/June 2006, pp. 127-130.
“Rethinking Development and Globalization: Insights from Feminist Economics,” The Good Society 14(3), 2005, pp. 58-62.
 “Freedom, Reason, and More: Feminist Economics and Human Development,” Journal of Human Development  5(3), November 2004, pp. 309-333.
“Clocks, Creation and Clarity: Insights on Ethics and Economics from a Feminist Perspective,” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 7(4), August 2004, pp. 381-398.Issue on "Economics, Justice and Welfare," ed. Carl-Henric Grenholm. (GDAE Working Paper No. 03-11.)
"A Buddhist and Feminist Analysis of Ethics and Business," Development 47(3), September 2004, pp. 53-60.  Issue on "Corporate Responsibility and Development." (Abridged version of GDAE Working Paper No. 04-01.)
"Is Economics a Natural Science?" Social Research 71(2), Summer 2004, issue on “The 50th Anniversary of Robert Heilbroner’s The Worldly Philosophers,” ed. William Milberg, pp. 211-222. (GDAE Working Paper No. 04-03.) 
“Survey Article: Feminism in the Dismal Science” with Gabrielle Meagher, Journal of Political Philosophy 12(1), March 2004, pp. 102-126.
"Once More, With Feeling: Process/Feminist Economics and the Ontological Question," Feminist Economics 9(1), March 2003, pp. 109-118.
"Breaking the Dynamic of Control: A Feminist/Process Approach to Economic Ethics," Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 19(1), Spring 2003, pp. 27-45.
"Confronting the Science/Value Split: Notes on Feminist Economics, Institutionalism, Pragmatism and Process Thought."  Cambridge Journal of Economics 27(1), January 2003, pp. 49-64.
"Economic Methodology and Feminist Critiques." Journal of Economic Methodology 8(1), 2001, pp. 93-97.
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"Labour, Gender, and the Economic/Social Divide."  International Labour Review 137 (1), 1998, pp. 33-46.
"One Sphere or Two?" American Behavioral Scientist  41(10), August 1998, 1467-1471.
“Feminism, Ecology, and the Philosophy of Economics,”  Ecological Economics 20, 1997, pp. 155-162.
“The Frequency of Consumer Expenditure: An Empirical Analysis,”  Journal of Consumer Affairs 30(2), Winter 1996, pp. 322-347.
“Feminism and Economics,” Journal of Economic Perspectives 9(2), Spring 1995, pp. 131-148. 
“On Gendered Economics: Rejoinder,” Review of Social Economy 53(1), Spring 1995, pp. 133-139.
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“Household Economies of Scale in Consumption: Theory and Evidence,” Econometrica 56(6), November 1988, pp. 1301-1314.
Contributions to Edited Volumes
“The Relational Firm: A Buddhist and Feminist Analysis,” in Business within Limits: Deep Ecology and Buddhist Economics, ed. László Zsolnai and Knut Johannessen Ims. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2006, pp. 195-217. (Edited version of GDAE Working Paper No. 04-01.)
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 “Ely and Christian Social Reform,” in Economists at Wisconsin: 1892-1992, ed. Robert J. Lampman. Madison: Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin, 1993. pp. 55-58.
Other Publications
"Marianne Abeles Ferber," in Dictionary of American Economists  ed. Ross B. Emmett and James Madison, Bristol: Thoemmes Continuum, 2006.
Book review of Economy of Grace, by Kathryn Tanner. Journal of the American Academy of Religion 74(3), 2006, pp. 782-84.
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Book Review of Buddhist Women and Social Justice: Ideas, Challenges and Achievements, ed. Karma Lekshe Tsomo. International Feminist Journal of Politics 8(2), 2006, pp. 313-15.
Book Review of The Theory of the Individual in Economics: Identity and Value by John B. Davis. Feminist Economics 11(1), March 2005, pp. 156-159.
GDAE Teaching Modules on Social and Environmental Issues in Economics(http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/education_materials/modules.html#context)
”Economics in Context: Goals, Issues, and Behavior,” with Neva Goodwin, Frank Ackerman, and Thomas Weisskopf. 2004.
“Consumption and the Consumer Society,”  with Neva Goodwin, Frank Ackerman, and Thomas Weisskopf. 2004.
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“Useful Macroeconomic Tools and Concepts,”  with Neva Goodwin and Jonathan M. Harris. 2004.
“Macroeconomic Measurement: The Current Approach,”  with Neva Goodwin and Jonathan M. Harris. 2004.
“Macroeconomic Measurement: Environmental and Social Dimensions,” with Neva Goodwin and Jonathan M. Harris. 2004.
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Accepted for Publication:
"A Process Perspective on Contemporary Schools of Economic Thought," in Handbook of Whiteheadian Process Thought, ed. Michel Weber. Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag, forthcoming.
“Feminist Economics,” in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition, ed. Lawrence Blume and Steven N. Durlauf. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming.
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Introducing Economics: A Critical Guide For High School Teachers, with Mark H. Maier.  Forthcoming, M. E. Sharpe, June 2007.
“Rationality and Humanity: A View from Feminist Economics.” April 2005. Submitted for Rational Choice Theory and the Humanities, ed. David Palumbo-Liu. (GDAE Working Paper 05-04)
“The Principles Course.” Submitted to A Handbook for Pluralist Economics Education, ed. John Reardon.
“Ethics and International Debt: A View from Feminist Economics.” October 2005, revised August 2006.  Submitted to Feminist Economics.  (GDAE Working Paper No. 06-04.)
Work in Progress:
Macroeconomics in Context, book manuscript, with Neva Goodwin. Chapters from preliminary edition available at http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/publications/textbooks/macroeconomics.html
Reprints and Translations:
“What Should Be Retained from Standard Microeconomics,”  in Real World Economics: A Post-Autistic Economics Reader. Anthem Press, forthcoming 2006.   (Reprint of Post-Autistic Economics Newsletter  article.)
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Limited Distribution:
"Teaching Ecological and Feminist Economics in the Principles Course," June 2005. With Neva Goodwin. GDAE Working Paper 05-05.
“Household Responsibilities and Travel Time Savings: Does Two Minutes Even Matter?,” with Deborah Neimeier (Civil Engineering, UC Davis).  First draft August 1997, revised June 1998. 
“A Feminist Perspective on Economic Justice,” first draft, July 1993.
“Towards a Feminist Theory of the Family,” December 1991.
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“Household Demands and Individual Consumption,” September 1986.
“Household Demands with Household Public Goods,” August 1986.
“A Model of Household Joint Utility Maximization with Public Goods.” Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Wisconsin, Madison,1986.

Honors and Awards:
Leif Johansen Research Award, University of Oslo, Norway, 1998.
John W. Kendrick Prize for Best Article, International Association for Research in Income and Wealth.  Second place, 1992.
Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award, Fall 1983.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Fellowship, 1980-81.
B.A. awarded summa cum laude with Departmental Distinction in Economics.
Phi Beta Kappa.
National Merit Scholar.

Courses Taught:
Principles of Microeconomics (as Teaching Assistant)
Public Economics (Ph.D. and M.A.)
Econometrics (M.A. and undergraduate)
Information Management (M.A.)
Statistics (undergraduate)
Quantitative Methods Laboratory (undergraduate)
Labor/Human Resources (undergraduate)
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (undergraduate)
Honors Seminar  (undergraduate)
Gender and Economics (undergraduate)
Sex-Segregated Labor Markets (undergraduate)
Gender and Inequality (undergraduate, Women's Studies Program)
Feminism and Economics (Ph.D.)
Feminist Economics (unit on Work and Family, M.A. and Ph.D., School of Public Affairs)

Major Grants Received:
J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State, and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars. Fulbright Senior Specialists grant in Economics for work at the University of the Republic, Uruguay. July-August 2004.  Grant No. 1067.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman Memorial Fellowship for Research on Caring Labor. 1999-2000.
Foundation for Child Development.  Discretionary grant for research on Economics, Value, and Caring Labor. 2000-2001.
Foundation for Child Development.  Discretionary grant for child care meetings. 1999.  Project Co-Director with Nancy Folbre and Barbara Bergmann.
Ford Foundation.  Sponsored Project, "A Traveling Ph.D. Class in Feminist Economics."  1997-1998.  Unit director. Planning and pilot grants. Host site: The University of Minnesota Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs.
National Science Foundation.  Grant #SES-8921634, “Consumer Expenditures in the 1980’s: Preparation and Analysis of Micro-Level Data,” February 1990 to January 1992. Sole Principal Investigator.

Professional Activities:

Associate Editor, Feminist Economics.  June 1998-present.

Board Member, International Association for Feminist Economics, August 1992 to January 1997. 

Editorial Board Member, Journal of Consumer Affairs, 1998-1999, 2001-2002.  Feminist Economics, 1995-present. Journal of Economic Methodology, 1994-1997, 2001-present. Review of Social Economy, 2004-present.

Board of Trustees Member, Journal of Institutional Economics, 2004-present.

Referee for The American Economic Review; Econometrica; Journal of Political Economy; The Journal of Human Resources; The Review of Economics and Statistics; The Journal of Business and Economic Statistics; The Journal of Consumer Affairs; Review of Social Economy; History of Political Economy; Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking; Economic Inquiry; Economics and Philosophy; Journal of Economic Methodology; The Journal of Economic Education; Journal of Policy Analysis and Management; The Review of Income and Wealth; Contemporary Economic Policy; Cambridge Journal of Economics; Feminist Economics; Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy; The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Cambridge University Press; Oxford University Press; University of Chicago Press; Princeton University Press; Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada; The World Bank; Austrian Science Fund (FWF); and National Science Foundation.

Presented papers at meetings of the American Academy of Religion (1999), American Economic Association (1989, 1992, 1994), American Sociological Association (1997,1999), Association for General and Liberal Studies/Association for Integrative Studies (2005), Eastern Economic Association (1987, 1999), Econometric Society (1986), European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (2002), International Association for Feminist Economics (1992-1995, 1997-2006), Society of Government Economists (1987), Southern Economic Association (1990), Western Economic Association (1990).

Selected Invited Presentations:
“Care Work: Love and Money?” Hawke Research Institute for Sustainable Societies, University of Southern Australia, Magill, and the Social & Political Theory Seminar, Australian National University, Canberra, July 2006.
“Ethics and International Debt: A View from Feminist Economics.” “The Problem of Sovereign Debt” conference sponsored by New School University and the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, November  2005.  
“Rationality and Humanity: A View from Feminist Economics.” “Rational Choice Theory and the Humanities” conference, Stanford University, April 2005.
“Feminismo y Economía.” University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay, August 2004.
“Clocks, Creation and Clarity: Insights on Ethics and Economics from a Feminist Perspective.” Annual conference of the Societas Ethica, Sigtuna, Sweden, August 2003.
“Free Market Economics and Feminist Alternatives.” "L'accès des femmes à l'économie à l'heure de l'intégration des Amériques: quelle économie?" (The Access of Women to the Economy in the Era of North American Integration: Which Economy?) conference, Université de Québec à Montréal and Concordia University, Montréal, Canada, April 2003.
“Feminism and Economics.” Workshop on Realism and Economics, Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge U.K., November 2001.
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