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Name: BrotherCake
Homepage: Homepage

Note: Last updated 07/04/01 (to version 2.1.1)

Description: BrotherCake's Top Menu supports unlimited number of menu categories, ability to customize menu interface (text/menu alignment, colors, images etc), plus targetting of links to load in a new window or frame. But hold on, we're not quite yet done. The menu's impressive portability is unmatched by most other menu scripts we know. Check out the browsers and OS's Top Navigational Menu III functions in:

Windows Macintosh
Internet Explorer 6 (beta)
Internet Explorer 5
Internet Explorer 4
Netscape 4
Mozilla 0.7 +
Netcape 6
Opera 5

Yes, even in Opera5, Mozilla, and the yet to be released IE6!

Demo: Look up.


Simply download the following zip file, topmenu3.zip (Shift+click in NS to download), and refer to readme.txt for installation instructions. FYI, the zip file contains the following files:



Enjoy this awesome script.