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Faculty Search Procedures – Part-time Faculty

Below are the steps to follow to conduct a faculty search for a part-time position. Submit forms to your academic dean.

Conducting the Search

  1. Write the position announcement. This is the job ad that candidates will read and apply to. The initial description sometimes goes through a few rounds of editing before the final text is approved by the department chair and academic dean. The format should be as follows:
    Rank (tenure status)

    SOCIOLOGY: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
    Part-time Lecturer (non-tenure-track)
    • Position description: "The Department of (...) at Tufts University is seeking a part-time Lecturer in (field, topic) for (semester or summer session of year 20xx)." If this is for one course, include the name of the course and its summary description. Mention any key characteristics of the position you wish to include: definition of the field, interdisciplinary approach, type of teaching involved, course load, and any other relevant aspect of the position.

    • Qualifications: required and preferred qualifications candidates should possess – which degree in which field or discipline, evidence of excellence in teaching, ability to engage with diverse students with different pedagogies, and anything else the candidate should have for this position. The qualifications for the position need to be to clear and specific.

    • Application requirements: the first sentence should read: "All applications are submitted via Interfolio, at https://apply.interfolio.com/XXXXX." Specify what applicants need to submit on Interfolio – cover letter, CV, letters of recommendations submitted directly to Interfolio, or names of references, teaching statement, writing sample, student evaluations, etc. There is a menu of choices on Interfolio for documents to submit, and new ones can be created by choosing "Other." Include the name and email (and phone number if desired) of the person to contact for candidates to ask questions about the position. This is usually the department/program administrator.
      The following are options to express the deadline for applications: "To ensure full consideration, applications must be submitted by (date)."; "Review will start on (date) and continue until the position is filled."; "Review of applications will start immediately and continue until the position is filled."

    • EEO Statement: The two paragraphs below are Tufts' EEO statement, and need to be included at the end of the position announcement:

      Tufts University, founded in 1852, prioritizes quality teaching, highly competitive basic and applied research, and a commitment to active citizenship locally, regionally, and globally. Tufts University also prides itself on creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. Current and prospective employees of the university are expected to have and continuously develop skill in, and disposition for, positively engaging with a diverse population of faculty, staff, and students.

      Tufts University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We are committed to increasing the diversity of our faculty and staff and fostering their success when hired. Members of underrepresented groups are welcome and strongly encouraged to apply. If you are an applicant with a disability who is unable to use our online tools to search and apply for jobs, please contact us by calling Johny Laine in the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) at 617-627-3298 or at johny.laine@tufts.edu. Applicants can learn more about requesting reasonable accommodations at http://oeo.tufts.edu.

      The EEO statement appears automatically when the position is posted on Interfolio, but must be included in the text that is sent out to be advertised.

    Review examples of part-time faculty position announcements.

    Identify who will be on the Search Committee for this position. For Part-time positions, a minimum of two faculty members is required.

    Submit these forms: Position Announcement and Search Committee.

  2. Post the position on Interfolio. The department administrator, staff assistant, or search committee chair posts the position on Interfolio. The A&S Interfolio administrator approves and opens it, and Interfolio generates a number for the URL that candidates use to apply. That number replaces the XXXXX in the position announcement and is then used in all subsequent ads.
    For first-time users, instructions on the Interfolio Support website are very useful.

  3. Notify Part-time Lecturers. Contact all part-time Lecturers in your department and inform them of this part-time position. Invite them to apply on Interfolio if they believe they are qualified. Use the same evaluation criteria that you use for outside candidates to determine whether or not to offer the position to an internal candidate.

  4. Advertise, outreach, and recruit. The Dean's Office advertises the position in Boston.com/Monster, and the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (NE HERC), and posts it on the AS&E website at Faculty Searches, Part-time Openings.

    Each department is responsible for placing additional ads in more field-specific and diversity-oriented venues. The cost of these ads is reimbursed by the Dean's Office. Send receipts to Laura DiBacco at laura.dibacco@tufts.edu.

  5. Identify the Short List. After reviewing the applications received, identify a short list of candidates you want to consider further. The Short List form lists the applicants, with their academic and demographic characteristics, identifies the short list candidates, and gives the reasons why the others were not short-listed. The reasons must be specific and objective, such as "wrong field," "no teaching experience," "weak letters of recommendation," "poor student evaluations," etc. "Not a good fit" is not a specific enough reason.
    The Short List needs to be approved by the department's academic dean and AA officer before screening interviews can be conducted.

    There may be very few or even only one applicant, but the Short List form needs to be submitted in any case. If the search yielded only one applicant, skip step 5 and go to step 6.

    Submit this form: Short List and Other Applicants (AA Report Section I)

  6. Conduct screening interviews. After the academic dean has approved the Short List, conduct screening interviews to select the finalist. These can be done by phone, Skype, WebEx, or in person (only do in-person interviews if all candidates are local and available). Interview questions should be the same for all candidates. It is recommended that at least two faculty members hear, view, or attend the screening interviews.

  7. Select the finalist. After the screening interviews have been conducted, recommend a finalist to the academic dean for his/her approval, by submitting the Final Selection Report. The Final Selection Report lists the Short List candidates, identifies the finalist and why he/she was selected, and gives the reasons why the others were not selected. Once the finalist has been approved, offer the position to him/her. If he/she accepts, notify Faculty Affairs who will prepare the contract letter.

    Submit this form: Final Selection Report (AA Report Section II)

Keeping Search Files

Departments must keep all materials from a faculty search for seven full academic years in secure, confidential files. This includes copies of all advertisements, search forms, applications received, and correspondence with applicants. At the end of seven years, departments may destroy all the materials from a search. For AY18-19, departments should have on file materials from searches that took place in AY11-12, AY12-13, AY14-15, AY15-16, AY16-17, AY16-17, and AY17-18. Older search materials may be destroyed